Information for young carers about Coronavirus Covid-19

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Covid-19 quickly changed our normal lives and is challenging for everyone.

As a young carer, you may have had to do even more at home. You might be feeling more anxious, overwhelmed, or worried about your family's physical or mental health.  

Not being able to meet up with friends, go to school or do things away from your home can feel pressuring. It can be overwhelming or it can make you feel isolated and lonely.

These are perfectly normal feelings but it is important that you also get the help and support you need to help you to cope better and feel better, both physically and mentally.

Looking after yourself

As a young carer, your own mental health and well-being  may be affected as it can be difficult to know how to cope with extra pressure, responsibility or stress.

It’s ok to take time out to look for your own well-being. This can help you to feel better, think more positively and even sleep better. It can help you to take control about how you are feeling now and about the future.

How to look after your mental and emotional well-being

Overcoming loneliness and feeling isolated

Due to social distancing, you may be feeling more isolated and lonely than usual. This can affect our health and well-being. 

We have created some top tips for overcoming loneliness which were informed by young carers in England.

How to deal with feelings of loneliness

Staying Active

Whilst we all have to stay at home more than we usually do, it is important that we remain active. There are lots of different ways we can do this both within our house through online classes and sessions as well as trying to get outside for some exercise ensuring we are following Government guidelines.

How to stay active in lockdown

Understanding Covid-19

There is so much information out there about Covid-19, especially online, so it's hard to know what to trust, what is fact and what is fake news.

Knowing and understanding what information to trust is good for your well-being and can help you protect those around you.

Common Covid-19 mythbusters