When young people want to tell their story, we listen. We see something in every one of them. We see hope. Often their stories aren't easy to tell, but they tell them. They know that opening up will help them feel better and show others, who have it just as tough, that there can be a brighter tomorrow.

Here are their stories, told in their words.


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I've come a
long way

Alice has gone from thinking sexual abuse was a part of childhood , anxious to leave the house, to a signed musician, putting on gigs for other artists.

jada's story

Jada's story

Jada had it tough growing up. She was just 11 when her older sister was sent into care. Her mum was abusive and kicked her out more than once.

Jada never gave up hope. She kept picking herself up, believing things would get better. And they did. After meeting one of our project workers, Jada feels stronger and ready to take on life's challenges.

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Funraise for the Children's Society
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I feel less lonely

As a young refugee in the UK Suhail had to fight hard to start a new life in London. He has now found his feet and looks forward to seeing his family again.

Molly's story

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Molly's story

Molly is a young carer. From the age of ten, she's been looking after her mum, nan, dad and step dad. She cooks, picks up prescriptions, pays the bills. But she hasn't stopped pursuing her dreams.

Since joining our young carer programme she has become someone who speaks out for other young carers, she got a First Class degree in journalism and is now following her dream.

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