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When young people want to tell their story, we listen. We see something in every one of them. We see hope. Often their stories aren't easy to tell, but they tell them. They know that opening up will help them feel better and show others, who have it just as tough, that there can be a brighter tomorrow.

Here are their stories, told in their words.


Rosie's story

Girl looks towards the camera with a serious expression

Rosie's story

When Rosie was 11 her dad became was gone from her life almost entirely. To cope, Rosie turned to self-harm. She even tried to take own life.

After getting the help she needed from one of our specialist practitioners she turned a corner. Now she feels like a new person. 

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My voice was being heard  My voice was being heard 

When Andrew was just 13 he and his family were caught up in a terrifying attack. He struggled with his mental health. After receiving therapy from one of our specialist practitioners he was able to process his traumatic memories.

Leila's Story

girl smiles with christmas tree behind

Leila's Story

It was Christmas when Leila and her family arrived in the UK. From a young age, she had seen her mum experience domestic violence and they were searching for safety.

Leila received care and support from our practitioners. Piece by piece, she was able to rebuild her life. Today, Leila is a volunteer speaker and staff member for us. She passionately works to ensure other vulnerable young people have the support they need. 

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father and son embracing laughing at a bus stop

Hope is never giving up Hope is never giving up

When his son took two overdoses in a week, Sam knew they needed help. He reached out to our family support services and, through martial arts and mindfulness, they began to recover.  

Hayley's story

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Hayley's story

When she was 16, Hayley was sexually abused by a man in her local neighbourhood. It left her feeling broken. She blamed herself for what had happened.

After getting the support she needed, she discovered coping techniques and was  able to work through it all. Now she wants to help others that have been through something similar. She is looking forward to the future.

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Young man with a hat on stands smiling in the park with trees behind him

I'm more positive I'm more positive

As a teenager Matthew was groomed. He became lost in a world of drugs and crime. But he broke free and got the help he needed. Now he has his whole life ahead of him.

Molly's story

young woman sitting by window thinking

Molly's story

Molly is a young carer. From the age of ten, she's been looking after her mum, nan, dad and step dad. She cooks, picks up prescriptions, pays the bills. But she hasn't stopped pursuing her dreams.

Since joining our young carer programme she has become someone who speaks out for other young carers, she got a First Class degree in journalism and is now following her dream.

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I feel less lonely I feel less lonely

As a young refugee in the UK Suhail had to fight hard to start a new life in London. He has now found his feet and looks forward to seeing his family again.

Kirsty's story

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Kirsty's story

At a young age, Kirsty was sexually abused. She tried to get on with her life but never properly talked about what happened. There were times she couldn’t see a way out but she kept going, knowing that tomorrow could be better.

After meeting one of our project workers, Kirsty found the strength to work through it all. She now dreams of becoming a criminal prosecutor and is optimistic about the future. 

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girl laughing while making a cup of tea in the kitchen

I wasn’t alone I wasn’t alone

There was a time when Alyssa felt like she was drowning. Only when she reached out to her mum and met one of our therapists did she begin to get control of her life.