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We can
create change
We can create change

Campaign to help children

We campaign tirelessly for the big social changes that will improve the lives of those who need hope most. Driven by hope and working alongside young people and supporters, we will not rest until together, step-by-step, we’ve created a society built for all children.

Become a campaigner

Right now, there are children battling mental health issues alone, going to school hungry, being forgotten by the people in power. These children put so much into every day but get little back.

Join our campaigns for change so young people are listened to when they're feeling low, young refugees have someone to look out for them when they arrive here and free school meals are given to children who need them.

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Driving change

Our campaigns can't happen unless we all come together - young people, teachers, students, parents, carers, anyone who wants to stand with us and make a noise about the issues that matter most.

Together we will make sure decision makers do their part. We can create new laws, secure more resources for the services that so need them and truly make our society one built for children.

Every action taken encourages the Government, MPs and councillors to act for children and young people, with better policy, legislation and support.

The louder our voice, the more we get done.

The more letters we write, petitions we sign, the better chance we can make society work for young people.

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Our campaigns

We're currently campaigning to transform the well-being of young people and improve the lives of those who need hope most.

Hear more about our campaigns

Keep up to date with our campaigns and help make the changes that children and young people need for a brighter future.

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Become a Campaign Champion

Our team of Campaign Champions are vital to getting young voices heard. They play an important role in creating real positive change for children in local communities.