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Training and consultancy

We provide training and local consultancy services to support you in helping young carers.

training professionals working with young carers

Our training programmes

Our training is based on the voices of young carers.

Our trainers are practitioners themselves and are able to draw on national research, up-to-date policy and guidance, and best practice models from across England. Our programmes are:

  • Responsive — shaped to local needs

  • Comprehensive — offer a wide range of courses and expert trainers

  • Relevant — provide current information and solutions to support young carers

  • Empowering - give you the skills and confidence you need to identify and support young carers

man talking to young woman behind glass

Training packages

We offer a range of training sessions for professionals, individual organisations and sectors at a cost which covers:

  • Making the Children and Families Act and the Care Act a reality for young carers and their families.
  • Young carer awareness raising, increasing identification and support.
  • Impacts upon education and identifying young carers in school.

We are also able to tailor this to specific requirements for your organisation, for example:

  • Recognise, understand and support young carers in Armed Forces Families.

We also offer a range of participatory training and sessions for young carers you may be working with, including:

  • Young carers rights training and how to influence change.
  • Mental health awareness training for young carers.
  • Presentation skills, confidence building, and event planning.

We are able to offer bespoke training to meet individual and organisational needs. Email us if you'd like to find out more about the training packages and their costs..

Young Carers: Awareness & Identification Training

We are now running regular training sessions for anyone that wants to attend and find out more about young carers.  It is a 3 hour training course online and it includes lots of interaction as well as breakout rooms for discussion.

This will be bespoke training around identifying, referring and supporting young carers. The training will also provide attendees with the opportunity to understand the factors that can influence a young carer’s likelihood to remain hidden; associated vulnerabilities of being a young carer; and how a whole systems, whole family approach can be utilised to better support young carers.

By the end of the training participants will: 

  • Be aware of the law and legislation in relation to Young Carers  
  • Be aware of the potential impacts of caring responsibilities  
  • Be informed about the potential identifiers of young carers 
  • Understand factors which may make a young carer 'hidden’ 
  • Understand how you can support, identify and refer young carers within your role 

The cost of this training is £90 per person and they will be held on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 20th March – 1pm to 4pm – Sign Up  
  • Wednesday 8th May – 10am to 1pm – Sign Up
  • Wednesday 14th August – 1pm to 4pm – Sign Up 

Please note that free spaces are available for professionals working with young people who are within an Armed Forces family.

(Free places are funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust as part of the NEXUS project: empowering nurturing connections for young people within armed forces families)

If you:

  • Work for the Armed Forces or an associated organisation or charity.
  • Work for a school attended by children entitled to service child premium.

You could be entitled to a free space on this course. Please ask for more details.

If you have any questions or feedback please email our Include team.