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Training and consultancy

We provide training and local consultancy services to support you in helping young carers.

training professionals working with young carers

Our training programmes

Our training is based on the voices of young carers.

Our trainers are practitioners themselves and are able to draw on national research, up-to-date policy and guidance, and best practice models from across England. Our programmes are:

  • Responsive — shaped to local needs

  • Comprehensive — offer a wide range of courses and expert trainers

  • Relevant — provide current information and solutions to support young carers

  • Empowering - give you the skills and confidence you need to identify and support young carers

man talking to young woman behind glass

Training packages

We offer a range of training sessions for professionals, individual organisations and sectors:

  • Making the Children and Families Act and the Care Act a reality for young carers and their families.

  • Young carer awareness raising, increasing identification and support.

  • Recognise, understand and support young carers in Armed Forces Families.

  • Impacts upon education and identifying young carers in school.

The trainers were brilliant, their visual aids and handouts were well prepared and super interesting

We also offer a range of participatory training and sessions for young carers you may be working with, including:

  • Young carers rights training and how to influence change.

  • Mental health awareness training for young carers.

  • Young carers financial capability training.

  • Presentation skills, confidence building, filming, editing and organising events training.

We are able to offer bespoke training to meet individual and organisational needs. Email us if you'd like to find out more.