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Access to records: adoption and care

Finding out about your family history can be daunting. If you were adopted by us or in our care we're here to help you find what you’re looking for. 

Who can access records?

If you were in our care as a child, or your adoption was supported and arranged by us, we will help you access your records. The service is free. 

Our service is also open to local authorities and other independent agencies who are working on behalf of the person wishing to making the request.  

What happens when I access records?

We will check our archives to see if your records are held there. If we do not hold your records we will signpost you towards organisations that may be able to assist. We are a small team and accessing the records can take several weeks but we will keep you updated on our progress.

Once found, we will invite you to a meeting to share the records. This can be with an independent practitioner or the person you initially made the enquiry with. We also provide a summary report to help you understand the record.  The records are yours to take with you at the end of the meeting.

We can share records in a variety of ways including virtually via a face to face meeting and in person.

We can send the records out to you by post but you must sign a disclaimer document for our records. We will also suggest a follow up call for support.

Contact access to records

Access to records
The Children’s society
Whitecross studios
50 Banner Street

Useful information

  • Documents: If the records are held in our archives, we have ask for proof of your identity to comply with GDPR regulations.  This is done by asking official documents with a photograph and proof of your address.
  • Statement of Purpose: please email us to request a copy.
  • Tracing a deceased relative: please contact the team for further information.
  • Child Migrants Trust: please contact the team for further information.