Our work

Right now, in Britain today, there are children and young people who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope. These are the children and young people we work with.
We listen. We support. We act. We help make small changes that make a big difference. Because no child should feel alone

Our work to disrupt multiple disadvantage

Right now in Britain there are children and young people who are facing one, or many disadvantages. We work with these young people step by step for as long as it takes.

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Children are facing a multitude of problems in our society today. From dealing with the issues that arise from growing up in poverty, to having problems at home - domestic violence or substance misuse - these young people may develop mental health problems and then feel like their best option is to run away from home.

We support children and young people who have arrived into this country on their own and are battling with the immigration system. Our services give them someone to turn to and our policy work ensures that the system supports them as much as possible.

We work to tackle abuse and neglect and support the victims through their trauma. Our work with authorities to ensure that children that are victims of criminal exploitation are seen as victims and not criminals - we are seen as leaders in our field and support young people as they come to terms with the exploitation they have faced.

There are no simple answers so we work with others to tackle complex problems.

Our work to prevent child sexual exploitation

We support children and young people to cope with the trauma of sexual exploitation. We spot the warning signs and help make exploitation stop. We help them through the intimidating, complex justice system so that they are listened to, and can try to get justice for the crimes against them.

Ending child poverty

Around four million children live in poverty in the UK, which can have an effect on their mental and physical well-being and future life chances.

Families are not given the chance to break free from poverty and instead, the problem is getting worse in the UK, not better.

Help children access the mental health support they need

The mental health of thousands of children and young people is reaching crisis point. Teenagers especially are turning to self-harm or suicide in increasing numbers.

We are fighting to get children and young people the help they need through our innovative frontline services, ground-breaking research and campaigning.

Trafficked young people and criminal exploitation

Criminal exploitation is often called county lines, it's when children are exploited by gangs to run drugs to different areas. 

Children as young as 12 feel threatened and aren't empowered to say no to the gangs and get out of the terrible situations they are placed in. We work with these young people and are seen as sector leaders in this field.

Our work supporting young carers

There are more than 166,000 young carers across the country. No child should be forced to grow up too early by having lots of duties in the home.

Some young people don’t even realise they are carers, they think that they are just looking after a loved one. We campaign for change and promote best practice to deliver solutions that consider the needs of the whole family.

Young refugees and migrants

Young refugees and migrants who reach the UK, sometimes on their own, need help to stay safe and rebuild their lives. More than half of these young people experience mental health problems and many grow up in extreme poverty.

Missing from home

We support children and young people who or are at risk of going missing or who run away from home or care.

Many children and young people are not receiving the vital support they are legally entitled to when they have been located. We work with them to make sure they have return home interviews and the support they need.

Substance misuse

Substance misuse in the home can affect a child's health and well-being. Around 920,000 children aged 10-17 live with one or two alcohol-dependent parents in the UK and we have services that help deal with the issues that arise from this.