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I now believe
I have a
brighter future

I now believeI have abrighter future

Volunteer to help children

Our amazing volunteers are integral to what what we do. They run our shops, keep campaigns in the public eye and mentor some of the truly amazing young people that we work with.

Any time you give will make a huge difference. Whatever your commitment, you will be joining an incredible community of volunteers focused on making real, positive impact for young people, creating a society that is built for all children.


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volunteers gave us their time and skills last year


feel proud to volunteer with us

Make a difference

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, gain meaningful experience, and make a real difference to the lives of young people.

Volunteering is the most fun way I can help children

Retail volunteers help run our shops across the country. Service volunteers directly support thousands of young people to be safer, happier and heard. Office volunteers work behind the scenes on campaigns and fundraising.

Our amazing movement of over 5,000 community volunteers hold events, deliver talks, coordinate donations, influence decision-makers and encourage local people to take action for children. Every act, however small, can make a big difference.

volunteer monitoring art club for five young people

Volunteer roles

Whether you want to shout about our work in the community or volunteer in our charity shops, we have roles for all skills and interests. 

well-being volunteer experience

Fatima, well-being volunteer

Fatima is a well-being volunteer at our drop-in mental health services. She started volunteering two years ago.

'I walked past Pause quite a few times and was just curious. When I found out more about the service and the role it seemed like a solid cause.

My role mostly involves listening and hearing young people out on whatever it is they want to talk about. Then, we figure out the next best steps together – working out what might help them feel better and signposting them to places that can provide what they need.

I also speak to schools and the general public about why mental health matters.'

Stories from other volunteers

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Celebrating diversity and inclusion

We welcome everyone who is passionate about volunteering. Having a diverse team of volunteers means we can better understand and support all the young people who come to our services. Everyone has different experiences and this is something we celebrate, both in our volunteers and the young people we work with. 

We will always make reasonable adjustments to make our volunteer roles as accessible as possible and encourage you to let us know if we could do even better. Diversity and understanding is what brings strength to our movement.