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Children need to
have a say in
what happens

Children need tohave a say inwhat happens

Our campaigns for children

We campaign alongside young people so they can overcome the toughest challenges of modern life and face their futures with hope and confidence. 

We're fighting so young people can get mental health advice when they need it. So that families are properly protected through the cost of living crisis, and so that child refugees arriving in the UK alone have a trusted adult looking out for them.

Our current campaigns to help children

We are campaigning for all care leavers to be exempt from council tax – relieving a huge burden as they begin their adult lives.

Action before crisis

Right now, too many teenagers are struggling unnoticed. They’re at crisis point. It’s up to all of us to turn the tide and build the future young people need. 

Fight for a fairer start for care leavers

The cost of living crisis is pushing families to the brink. Our services are here for young people when they need our help. But families must have more support.

Help us protect children through the cost of living crisis

Right now, hundreds of thousands of young people need mental health support. Many are left on waiting lists while their mental health gets worse. 

Helps us get early mental health support for young people

And for young refugees arriving in the UK alone, life isn't easy. Many don't have anyone by their side through the complicated and often re-traumatising asylum process.

Help us get guardians for all unaccompanied child refugees

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Help protect children from abuse

Our award-winning #LookCloser campaign teaches everyone to learn the signs of exploitation and how to report it. Together we can stop this abuse from happening.

The change we make

We drive change at a local and national level. We influence national legislation and make sure local councils look after those who have it toughest in their communities. 

Sometimes it takes years to create change. But we keep going. With our amazing campaigners and supporters, we have made a real difference to the lives of children and young people. 

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Campaigns that make a difference

Thanks to our campaigners, we've made huge changes for children across the UK.  Free schools meals, affordable uniforms, financial support for families in crisis. We won't stop until we've built a society for all children. 

Become a part of the change we make

Over the years, our campaigns have created a lot of positive change for young people. From making sure low income families get free school meals to introducing compulsory sex and health education in secondary schools. But we can't stop. More needs to be done. Only with your support can we create a society built for all children. 

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Keep fighting

Keep fighting

Help us make a difference

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