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We campaign alongside young people so they can overcome the toughest challenges of modern life and face their futures with hope and confidence. 

We make sure care leavers don't get hit with big bills as soon as they start living independently, young refugees have a trusted adult looking out for them when they're going through legal battles, and families in crisis get proper support so they can afford to keep their children healthy and happy.

why we campaign

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The change we make

We drive change at a local and national level. We influence national legislation and make sure local councils look after those who have it toughest in their communities.

A recent campaign made sure families living with problem debt had access to a 'breathing space' scheme. This meant they could plan how they were going to repay their debts without being hit by extra charges and court summons. Families across the country now have time to get on their feet.

On a local level, we campaigned so care leavers would be exempt from council tax up to the age of 25. So far, 130 councils have introduced this policy. This means that when these young people start living independently, they aren't faced with big, scary bills. They have time to get a job, start managing their money and build a future filled with hope.

The change we make


care leavers are now exempt from paying council tax up to the age of 25


separated or unaccompanied migrant children now get access to free legal advice


people affected by problem debt now get 'breathing space' - time to work out a solution to their debts

Our campaigns to help children

Young people’s voices shape our campaigns. The issues that are putting young people's futures in jeopardy are at the heart of what we do.

Right now, young people’s well-being is in decline. That's why by 2030 we have a goal to overturn the damaging decline in children’s well-being. But we can't do it alone. Each year our Good Childhood report asks thousands of children across the country how they are feeling. There is no other measure for children’s well-being. This needs to change. The Government measures adults' well-being, but not young people's, meaning it is blind to the major life challenges young people face.

We also know that families across the country are struggling to afford the basics like food and rent. We want local councils to get the funding they need to support families in crisis, that's why we're calling on them to strengthen their safety nets.

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