How you can help

Thanks to our volunteers, campaigners, fundraisers and generous donors who give us money, we are able to fight for young people and their futures.

If you can give a donation, a few hours of your time, or lend your voice to a campaign, it all helps us be there for young people who are clinging on to hope.

Send a message of hope

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This Christmas, we're stepping up the fight for young people whose hope is hanging by a thread. Young people's lives have been turned upside down by the pandemic.

Many are at risk of abuse, exploitation and neglect. We work with these children and give them the support they need to overcome life's toughest challenges. 

But you can help. By writing a message of hope this Christmas, you can help transform the hopes and happiness of young people who need it most.

Send your message to a young person.

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Give a vital gift

Donate a gift to a young person this Christmas. From exercise equipment, family essentials or a book, the Give Hope store has the perfect Christmas present for a child in need. You can even choose to give to a child in a specific area. 

fundraising to help children


The money raised each year by our wonderful fundraisers helps us step up the fight for young people.

It means we can provide easy-access well-being services for young people with nowhere else to turn. It allows us to keep the pressure up on people in power to make much-needed policy changes that improve the lives of families. It funds our programmes that train professionals and police to be better able to safeguard children who have been abused and exploited.

However you wish to fundraise, whether you organise your own coffee morning, take on an extreme challenge, or put on a Christingle service, all the donations you receive will make a huge difference. 

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group of young people in line arms around each other colourful clothes

Campaign for change

We campaign with and for young people to create the positive change they want to see. Together our voice is louder and stronger. We can give children a reason to stay hopeful and positive about their future.

Volunteer to help children

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If you've got some time to give, however small, volunteering can make a real difference to young people's lives.

You could be volunteering directly with young people in one of our services, talking to them, empowering them to make positive choices. Or you could be working behind the scenes, raising money or spreading awareness of our work, encouraging others to step up and fight for the issues that matter.

We have roles for all skills, interests and time commitments, and we'll support you every step of the way.

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