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It made me 
feel safe

It made me feel safe

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Turn the tide for teenagers

Across the country, teenagers’ needs are being ignored. For too many young people facing abuse, exploitation, and neglect, help is only offered when they reach crisis point.  

Together, we can make sure that every teenager gets the support they need, before it’s too late. Teenagers are children too. Don’t let them face life alone. 

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£5 monthly

£5 a month could pay for a hot meal, shower and living essentials for a young runaway.

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£10 monthly

£10 a month could pay for a front line worker's phone so children in danger can contact them.

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£20 monthly

£20 a month could pay for a family to have mediation sessions to resolve conflict at home.

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Whether it’s a little or a lot, give as much as you can and make a huge difference to a young person.

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In their own words

When young people want to tell their story, we listen. These young people still believe in a better tomorrow. They know they can break free from those who hurt them, have a happy home life, feel better over time.

Often their stories aren't easy to tell, but they tell them. Because they know sharing their story will help them and others like them. 

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Challenges facing today's teenagers

Too many teenagers face abuse, exploitation, and isolation, and help is only offered once things have got out of hand. But they are children too, and they need our help. We explore some of the challenges they face, and why it is vital they get the support they need when they need it.