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I know
now what
I want
to do

I knownow whatI wantto do

Fundraise or host an event

Every year, thousands of people like you are inspired to raise money for young people. Your amazing efforts help change the lives of children and restore their hope for the future.

Whatever your skills or hobbies, whether organising a Christingle, running a marathon or hosting an online quiz night, your fundraising will help us be there for children who need us most. 

So, what will you do?

Fundraising challenges

We offer charity challenges across the UK - half marathons, 10Ks, charity cycles, skydives and more. There is something for all ages and abilities, and we can send you training plans and recommendations from people who've been through it all before.

The Children's Society marathon runner

Find your challenge

Have fun, challenge yourself and do it all for a great cause. Taking part in a charity event and fundraising for us will help change young people's lives.

Organise or host a charity event

three women dancing in living room

Fundraise your own way

You can choose to support us in whatever way you like. It doesn't have to involve Christingle oranges or hard exercise! 

Whether you want to set up a bake sale, host a dinner, organise a movie night, play games or take on a dance challenge, we've got you covered.

Take a look at our top tips for organising a successful charity fundraiser.

A couple of event ideas

Get your aprons out to Bake and Brew! Invite your community to chat over tea and cake, while raising money for The Children’s Society. Download our free fundraising guide which contains advice, tips, and recipes. We also have posters and invitations to help spread the word, as well as cake labels to really make your event stand out.

Team up and organize a fundraising scavenger hunt to ‘Trail for Change’ around your local area. Our fundraising pack contains advice and tips on how to make the most of your event, have fun, and raise money safely for The Children’s Society.

two school boys lighting Christingle

Host a Christingle

Fundraising at your Christingle celebration has never been easier. Every pound you collect helps young people build a brighter future.

Meet the team

We are a team of passionate people working together to restore young people’s hope for their future. Find out more about our dedicated Community Relationship Managers across the country.

Meet the team

Jess Meale

Jess Meale

Community Relationship Manager (South West)

My motivation for working at The Children’s Society is knowing that I am making a difference every day. It keeps me up-to-date on the issues that children and young people are facing and I get to see and hear about the scores of people working to support them.  Having wonderful colleagues, supporters and volunteers also helps! 

Hope to me means seeing potential in your future and having goals and aspirations. It’s about being able to face life challenges head on and be able to celebrate the small wins, no matter how difficult things may seem at the time.

Email Jess

Sophie Samways

Sophie Samways

Community Relationship Manager (London and South East)

I love that we walk towards the young people that society crosses the road to avoid. It’s inspiring to be in contact with compassionate and dedicated supporters who raise awareness and funds to allow us to do what we do best.

Email Sophie

Rachel Brockie

Rachel Brockie

Community Relationship Manager (West Midlands)

I strongly believe that every child deserves to flourish and reach their full potential, and am proud to work with an organisation that has the ability to directly and positively impact challenged young lives while also changing the systems in our wider society which are not fit for purpose.

Email Rachel

Jo Nicholson

Jo Nicholson

Community Relationship Manager (North West)

I have a great empathy with many of the services we deliver and am proud to be a member of a wider, passionate, determined and loyal team. We provide a work culture which encourages, cares and celebrates its staff, and we demonstrate that well across the northwest.

Email Jo

Hannah Ratcliffe

Hannah Ratcliffe

Community Relationship Manager (East)

I am motivated to work for The Children’s Society because of the impact the work has on changing lives. I’m inspired by our practitioners on the frontline who can play a huge part in a young person’s life, building their confidence and empowering resilience and ultimately support them to a better place on their journey in life.

Email Hannah

Gill Dean

Gill Dean

Community Relationship Manager (North East)

I’ve worked for children’s charities for over 30 years and know that with the right support, children and young people can have a brighter future.  We listen to the voices of young people then fights, campaigns and works within their communities to give them hope.

Email Gill

Jane Foster

Jane Foster

Community Relationship Manager (East Midlands)

Our amazing supporters who never fail to surprise me with their passion and dedication.  The life changing work that transforms despair into hope. 

Email Jane