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When you fall
down, you got
to get up
When you fall down, you got to get up

Ending child poverty

The number of children in poverty is set to reach five million this year. This means young people around you are going to school hungry, getting bullied for wearing an old uniform, or missing out on activities with friends. These young people have to work extra hard to stay happy, motivated and focused on the future.

But being from a poor background shouldn’t hold a child back. We work so all families can afford to keep their children healthy, happy and hopeful, even when money is tight.

What is child poverty?

In short, child poverty means parents can’t afford the basics of food, clothing and shelter.

There are millions of children living in poverty who have at least one employed parent. Low paid jobs and zero-hour contracts mean many working families live hand to mouth. The Covid-19 crisis - loss of jobs, closure of schools, bigger bills - will have pushed even more over the edge.

How many children are living in poverty in the UK?

4.3 million

children live in poverty in the UK

3 in 10

children live in poverty


increase in children receiving emergency food in 2020

our work ending child poverty

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Working to end child poverty

We work hard so poverty doesn’t impact children’s futures. So young people leaving care aren’t instantly hit with council tax bills, so school uniforms don’t break the bank, and so families get emergency support in crisis.

We also look out for young people we work with in our services. If life is tough at home, we make sure they have what they need to be healthy and happy. So they are able to overcome life's obstacles and stay focused on what matters – enjoying themselves and staying positive.

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£5 monthly

£5 a month could pay for a hot meal, shower and living essentials for a young runaway

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£10 monthly

£10 a month could pay for a front line worker's phone so children in danger can contact them

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£20 monthly

£20 a month could pay for a family to have mediation sessions to resolve conflict at home

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Select your own amount monthly


Whether it’s a little or a lot, give as much as you can and make a huge difference to a young person

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Cutting the cost of school uniforms

School uniforms and PE kits are expensive. Many families can’t afford them. If a child goes to school with the wrong uniform, they may be bullied, sent home or excluded.

We campaigned to cut the cost of school uniforms. After seven years, it has finally become law. State schools must prioritise costs when setting school uniform policies. Children can now look forward to school without worrying about the family being able to afford the right uniform.

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Funding local crisis support

No parent should have to choose between feeding their child and paying a bill. We managed to secure £490 million in funding - helping families keep food on the table in crisis. 

making life fairer for care leavers

Making sure care leavers don't pay council tax

For young people leaving care and moving into their own place, it’s exciting. There’s lots to think about - what plants to get, what jobs to go for, what bills they need to pay. But without lessons on managing money, big tax bills can come as a shock, and can lead to debt. This holds them back from being independent and enjoying life after care.

That’s why we’ve been calling on councils to exempt care leavers from paying council tax up until the age of 25. So when they turn 18, they aren't suddenly hit with a big bill as a birthday present. Instead, they can get used to managing money and living independently, free from debt.

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care leavers campaign facts

111 of 152

councils in England introduced the exemption


care leavers now don't need to pay council tax

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Campaigns for children

From making sure families can afford school uniforms to helping those in crisis put food on the table, we campaign to create a society built for all children.