Ending child poverty

Around four million children live in poverty in the UK, ruining their well-being and future life chances
We work to change the systems that keep families trapped in poverty and help young people in their daily lives

Our work to end child poverty

Millions of children and young people are suffering from their families living in poverty. We work hard to change the system to end poverty and the affects it has on young people's life chances. We want to see poverty decline in our country.

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We would like to end child poverty and ensure that families are not suffering at the hands of debt, loan sharks and bailiffs. Because no child should feel afraid in their own home.

We want to make sure that children and young people living in poverty get the resources they need and have a warm home and sufficient meals to grow as other children do. Our free school meals campaign called on the Government to continue to fund children from poorer families to get free school meals.

Poverty is increasing for the first time in two decades, meaning that more and more families are struggling to get by. Our economy is not working for people in low-pay jobs or unstable work and it's creating impossible situations for families that are trying to get by.

We need to take action now.

What is child poverty?

When a child is brought up in poverty, there are sadly some likely outcomes in their life - such as poor health and poor education.

Child poverty - facts and figures

Currently, 30% of children living in the UK live in poverty.

Read more facts and figures about children and young people living in poverty and the effect it has on their lives.

Our history tackling child poverty

Our organisation was founded to prevent children and young people suffering at the hands of poverty. With around four million children living below the poverty line still today, we look at our history and how we will move forward to help those whose lives are affected by poverty.

What are the effects of child poverty on children?

Child poverty can lead to children missing out on decent meals, sleeping in cold bedrooms and being bullied at school, as well as drastically reducing their future life chances.

Our campaign to help children and families in crisis

An unexpected crisis can happen to anyone. Causes could be job loss, relationship breakdown, long-term poverty, or an unexpected expense such as a broken boiler. 

We need your help to ensure that every local council adequately funds emergency support for families to ensure no-one is left with nowhere to turn at a time of crisis.

Fair shares - how families share their income with children

We undertook some research, with the University of Leeds, to look at how families from across a wide range of socio-economic statuses talked, thought, felt, and behaved in relation to sharing their resources. Do families in poverty really do anything differently with their resources compared to better off families?