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Paying in your donations

Thank you so much for raising money for young people. Without your fundraising, we couldn't be there for those who are hanging on to hope - who are exploited, neglected, battling mental health. Your donations help us work with these children, as long as it takes to rebuild their lives and start believing in a better tomorrow.

Paying in donations online

children running after each other through park

There are different ways to pay in. Please read our cash handling guidelines to help do this safely.

Paying in online


Simply pay the funds into your own bank account and then use our online payment form to pay the money to us securely. Don’t forget to tell us how you raised the money and whether you're paying in on behalf of a group, organisation or for yourself. You'll receive an email confirmation to thank you for your donation.

Send us a cheque

You can pay in collections raised into your own bank account and then send us a cheque for the total in the post. Cheques should be made payable to 'The Children's Society' and should be sent along with a completed fundraising giro form. You can obtain one by calling our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000. The address to send to is:

The Children's Society
Whitecross Studios
50 Banner Street

Please remember that you should never send us cash in the post.

Other ways to pay in donations