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they taught
me how to
get back up
they taught me how to get back up

Information for young people

Are you looking for someone to talk to about how you're feeling? Want to read up on a particular mental health issue such as depression or anxiety? Struggling to understand bills and worried about falling into debt? 

Our information and advice pages hopefully have what you need. If we don't, we'll show you who can.

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Emotional health and well-being

Looking after our well-being is important. Staying emotionally healthy means we're better able to deal with life's challenges.

our local services

Local services

Our services across the country have professionals ready to listen to how you're feeling. After talking things through and getting some advice, you'll be in a better place to make the changes you want to see

We cover a range of issues. If you're living with an alcohol-dependent parent, feeling too anxious to leave the house, stressed at school, worried about getting mixed up in drugs, we will work with you to get through it. 

We also have a nationwide programme for young carers with links to local services and support networks.

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our local services

I feel like I'm actually being listened to

Pause and BEAM are well-being drop-in services, no need for appointments. They can arrange for you see a practitioner if you want to talk to someone one-to-one. We also run group sessions and other specialist services, some of which may require a referral.

If you are a young person already in our services and have some feedback then let us know.

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Advice hub

Are you confused about bills? Thinking of running away? Worried you may be in an unhealthy relationship? Our advice pages have information you can trust, which help make sense of your situation.

Need urgent support?

A mental health crisis is an emergency that has a direct and immediate threat to your physical or emotional well-being. In these situations, it's important to get help quickly.

Try to stay calm and ask someone for help if you need it. It could help to tell someone you trust, maybe a family member or a friend. They can be with you and help you decide what to do. They can also contact services on your behalf.

If there is any immediate risk to life, contact the emergency services by calling 999.

Crisis support services