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She argues
for what is
best for me

She arguesfor what isbest for me

Children's rights and advocacy

Young voices are at the heart of what we do. They know their situation best. They know what they need. Some just need a little help to get heard. We help young people understand their rights, make informed decisions and speak up on issues that affect them. We work alongside young people to achieve a society built for all children.

What is children's advocacy?

Advocacy is about getting young voices and views heard. A child advocate empowers children to understand their rights and make informed decisions on matters that influence their lives.

how we support children's rights

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We stand up for children’s rights by including them in everything we do. From designing our services to leading on our campaigns, we put young voices first.  

Our advocates don't work for the council or children’s services. We are independent. We simply protect children’s rights and help them speak out. If a child doesn’t agree with something that affects them, our advocates make sure they’re listened to. 

Whether it’s attending immigration meetings or helping care leavers move into adulthood, we stand by the side of young people. We help them grab their future with both hands.  

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Campaigning for children's rights

From ensuring unaccompanied children have someone looking out for them when they arrive in the UK to making sure care leavers get a fair start into adulthood, we put young voices at the heart of the issues that affect them.

Our work protecting children's rights

We support children in care and care leavers, homeless young people, unaccompanied asylum seekers, children with disabilities and those on a child protection plan. Our advocates are reliable and non-judgemental.

Our volunteers in Cheshire and Torbay do regular visits with children in care. They are a constant presence in the young person's life. They teach them how to trust, enjoy life and grow. Whether it's popping round for a tea or taking them out bowling, our volunteers are there to listen and talk through their problems.

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They listen to me without treating me like a name and a number They listen to mewithout treatingme like a nameand a number

Nottinghamshire advocacy

Our advocates in Nottinghamshire also offer that stable relationship children need. Many have worked in the Children's Commissioners Office so know what they're talking about, and if there are language barriers, we work with translators to make sure young people are understood and heard.

Of those who used our advocacy services in Nottinghamshire, most said they felt their views were being listened to more by adults making decisions about them.

My advocate listens to me My advocate listens to me

Nottinghamshire advocacy impact stats


said they were being listened to more by decision makers


felt they had more understanding of what was happening and why


said things improved after working with Nottinghamshire Advocacy