Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of our work

Praying hands

Join us in prayer for vulnerable young people.

This month’s prayers were written by the Reverend Canon Sue Wallace, Fresh Expressions associate, creative worship consultant and former Precentor of Winchester Cathedral.

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A special prayer in light of the coronavirus

A prayer for the work of The Children’s Society in a time of coronavirus

God of compassion,

at this time of crisis,

we bring before you the peoples of our country and the world.

We ask for your blessing and strength for those working tirelessly to protect and save life.

We pray especially for vulnerable children and young people who are at greater risk during this time:

those who are not safe at home;

those who may be plunged into even greater poverty;

those whose fragile mental health may worsen;

those who feel abandoned and alone.

Draw near to all who suffer in mind, body or spirit.

We also pray for staff of The Children’s Society as they find new ways to support these young people in challenging circumstances.

Please bless their efforts and keep all with whom we work safe from harm.

We ask this in the precious name of Jesus.



Prayers for April 2020


Sunday 5 April, Palm Sunday 

Based on Matthew 27.11–54

Loving Lord,

who in Jesus, tore the curtain

between ourselves and your great love;

who made the earth shake,

and the rocks split,

and the dead come back to life:

tear apart the barriers which we place in your way

so all may experience your presence and your peace,

and in the work of The Children’s Society,

bring new life and hope to all

who experience darkness, grief or trouble,

especially in these difficult days.

We pray in the name of Christ,

the one who died to conquer death.



Sunday 12 April, Easter Sunday

Based on Acts 10.34-43

Loving God,

who sent Jesus

to bring healing to our lives,

the peace of true forgiveness

and life that lasts forever:

In these uncertain times, help us experience the joy

promised by your resurrection,

and on this day of promise

bless the work of The Children’s Society.

Bless all who volunteer, give and work

to bring an end to the oppression

caused by debt or exploitation,

poverty or crime,

that all your children may have freedom

and a life that ever ends.

In the name of the risen Jesus we pray.


Sunday 19 April

Based on John 20.19-23

Risen, loving Jesus,

you walk through the doors of our anxiety

and breathe a greeting filled

with wholeness and with peace.

Help us really listen to your words

and your promise of forgiveness.

Help us follow

as you guide us to the places we are sent,

and through the work of The Childrens Society

help bring the peacefulness of your promise

to all who are afraid, especially at this present time.

In your holy name we pray.



Sunday 26 April

Based on Luke 24.13-35

Living God, you walk beside us

on our every journey

helping us to understand your ways,

meeting us in bread, and wine, and words.

We pray for all who are living in fear on this day,

struggling to look after children and feed their families.

We pray for all who walk with others on their road in these challenging times,

especially The Children’s Society.

Today we remember especially their staff, supporters and volunteers

and pray for all they help in any kind of need.

Open our eyes to see the places you are walking

and help us to recognise your presence in our midst.

In Christ’s living name we pray.


Download printable prayers.