Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of our work

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Join us in prayer for vulnerable young people.

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This month’s lectionary bible readings, from the Gospel of Mark and the book of James, warn against judging on outward appearance. The latest edition of our Good Childhood Report shows that nearly a quarter of girls and one in ten boys aged 14 said that they had self-harmed. The biggest pressures effecting young people’s wellbeing and mental health were school work and the pressure to look good. Please do join us this month in praying that all children and young people know their true value and worth.

Thank you for your continued support. 

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Prayers for September 2018

Sunday 2 September

Creator God, you love all that you have made.

You formed everyone in your own image.

Forgive us when we do not treat others as those created and loved by you.

We pray for children and young people returning to school or college this month.

We ask that you would inspire them with a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.

We pray for those who find school difficult: the shy, the lonely, those who don’t have the right trainers or mobile phone, the ones that don’t fit in.

Help those on the margins to find good friends and a place to feel safe.

Most of all, we ask that all children and young people would grow in wisdom and character, knowing that they are precious and loved.

In Jesus’ name we pray.


Sunday 9 September

Based on James 2.1-10

Lord God,

We are surrounded by images that tell us how to be and how to look:

advertisements that sell us a life we will never have;

social media posts that gloss over the tougher aspects of life;

impossible ideals of perfection and unattainable beauty.

Help us not to judge on surface appearance;

guide us to discern what really matters.

We ask that you would help all children and young people to see their true worth and that of others.

Help each one to delight in their own unique being.

Thank you that you see beyond the masks we sometimes wear:

you see us as we truly are, and we are thankful.

In Jesus’ name.


Sunday 16 September

Based on James 3.1-12

God of wisdom,

we bring before you those children and young people who are affected daily by the unkind words of others;

we pray for those who are bullied and victimised, sometimes by those they have never met;

we ask for your comfort for those who feel inadequate and worthless in comparison to the latest airbrushed celebrity.

We thank you for all the good that social media brings: the ability to connect with friends and family, to share moments of celebration or to find a community of support;

we ask that you would guide children and young people to use social media wisely, and the self-esteem to shrug off all that is unhelpful and damaging.

For your name’s sake.


Sunday 23 September

Based on Mark 9.33-37

Lord God,

Jesus welcomed children, the least important in his society, and placed them at the heart of the kingdom.

We pray for children and young people who feel overlooked and unseen, alone and unsafe.

Help us to see them as you do: beloved and valued, of eternal worth.

Empower project workers from The Children’s Society as they listen to and support the most vulnerable.

Open our eyes to those children and young people known to us who may be suffering in silence.

In your holy name.


Sunday 30 September

St Michael and All Angels. Based on Hebrews 1.14

Father in heaven,

you give your angels charge over those who trust in you

to guard them in all their ways.

Be with those in trouble,

especially children and young people who feel alone and that no-one cares about them.

Protect them from harm and keep them safe.

For your precious name’s sake.


Adapted from a prayer on churchofengland.org.

Download your printable prayers here.