Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of our work

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Join us in prayer for vulnerable young people.

This month we celebrate a time of fresh starts. Our prayers are focussing on the resolutions that many of us make and our plans for the year ahead.

What more can you do to support vulnerable children and young people? How about inviting a speaker from The Children’s Society to hear more about how your community can support us? Or have a regular prayer slot for the work of The Children’s Society in your church service?

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Prayers for January 2019

Sunday 6 January: Epiphany Sunday

Based on Matthew 2.1-12

Lord of new beginnings,

we thank you for bringing us safely to the

start of a new year.

We are grateful for all the promise it holds.

Today, as we remember the visit of the Magi

to the new-born Christ,

bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh

we ask for guidance in using our own gifts of

money, time and voice.

Help us to use them wisely for the benefit of


especially for vulnerable children and young


that they may enjoy a new year full of hope

and free from fear.

For your name’s sake.


Sunday 13 January: The Baptism of the Lord / First Sunday After Epiphany

Based on Luke 3.15-17, 21-22

Creator God,

you give water to cleanse, heal and refresh.

In baptism, you call us out of darkness into

your marvellous light.

Today, as we mark the Baptism of Christ,

we give thanks that he who was without sin

identified with sinful humanity.

As we remember our baptismal promise to

follow you,

inspire us to take the light of Christ into the

very darkest places.

We pray for all those who help children and

young people who are at risk of exploitation

and harm.

We bring before you staff and volunteers of

The Children’s Society as they seek to

protect and support them.

We pray for glimmers of hope and

encouragement, even in the most difficult


In your precious name we pray.


Sunday 20 January: Second Sunday After Epiphany

Based on John 2.1-11

Lord Jesus, miracle maker,

we bring before you situations in our world

that seem hopeless.

We think of young refugees fleeing conflict,

arriving alone and afraid in new countries.

We remember young carers who juggle

looking after a loved-one with the demands

of school.

We bring before you children who are

neglected and living daily in fear.

Lord, bring your light and joy into these


just as you did at the wedding in Cana.

Help us to do all we can to brighten the lives

of others,

and bless the work of The Children’s Society

in turning lives around.

In your holy name.


Sunday 27 January: Third Sunday After Epiphany

Based on Luke 4.14-21

Lord Jesus,

the Scriptures tell us it was for this you


to bring good news to the poor;

to proclaim release to the captives;

to let the oppressed go free.

We pray for all children and young people

trapped in poverty, imprisoned in neglect or

abuse and oppressed by those who exploit

them for their own gain.

Thank you for the work of The Children’s

Society in helping children and young

people to break free from these burdens.

Help us to all play our part in this vital work.

For your name’s sake.



Download your printable prayers here.