Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of our work

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Join us in prayer for vulnerable young people.

This month's prayers were written by Revd Ally Barrett, chaplain of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge and author of some of our Christingle resources

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Prayers for January 2020


Sunday 5 January, Epiphany Sunday

God of light and love,

at the birth of your Son,

the whole universe rejoiced,

drawing even people of status

to worship at his cradle,

yet also bringing danger and persecution

from those in authority.

We pray for children and young people in our society,

and for those who make and implement

the policies that protect them

and enable them to flourish.

As we ask your blessing on the Children’s Society

and their work with the most vulnerable,

may all children and young people

be cherished, celebrated and protected,

in the name of Jesus Christ.



Sunday 12 January, The Baptism of Christ

Father in heaven,

at the baptism of your Son

your words assured all humanity

of your overwhelming love.

Thank you for the work of The Children’s Society

in showing vulnerable children

that they are loved, valued and worthy;

may we all live lives that reflect

your love for us and for all your children

as revealed in your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.



Sunday 19 January, The Second Sunday of Epiphany

Heavenly Father,

we give you thanks for the earthly life of your Son

in whom your love for the world was revealed.

Remembering how he drew diverse people

to share in your work of love,

we thank you for all who are called

to show your love in the world,

especially those who work, through The Children’s Society,

with vulnerable children and young people.

Help us to accept your invitation to ‘come and see’

both the needs of the world,

and our potential to work together

to meet those needs

in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord


Sunday 26 January, The Third Sunday of Epiphany

Loving God,

through all of human history

you have shined your light

into the dark places of the world.

Hear our prayer today

for all who sit in darkness,

and especially for children and young people

whose lives are blighted by abuse or trouble of any kind.

We give thanks for the light of truth and love

that The Children’s Society brings

to those whose world is dark and cold,

and we ask your blessing on them all,

in the name of the Light of the world,

our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Download printable prayers.