Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of our work

Praying hands

Join us in prayer for vulnerable young people.

This month's prayers were written by the Revd Jeremy Flether, vicar of Hampstead Parish Church, one of our supporting churches. 

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Prayers for November 2019


Sunday 3 November

Almighty and ever-loving God,

inspired and challenged by the saints,

we thank you for the founders The Children’s Society,

and for all who have sustained and developed its life.

We pray that, following their example,

we may support and enable the flourishing of children and young people,

that the saints of today may reveal the Kingdom of heaven in all we do,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Sunday 10 November

Merciful and gentle God,

bringer of light and life,

not even a sparrow falls to the ground outside your care.

As we remember those whose lives were given for the sake of others,

bring healing especially to children

who carry the scars of war and the wounds of violence.

Inspire us all to hear the voice of youth,

and to learn from the hope of the young,

that we may bring peace in our communities,

and hope to the nations,

through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.



Sunday 17 November

The 30th Anniversary of the enactment of The Children Act 1989 falls on 16 November.

Loving God,

whose Son offered hope even in times of destruction,

we pray for children living in situations of uncertainty and fear,

within home and family,

neighbourhood and community.

As your prophet proclaimed healing

in the wings of the sun of righteousness,

strengthen all who give a voice for the voiceless,

and all who look to the welfare of the young,

through the operation of the law,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Sunday 24 November

Christ the King

Lord Jesus Christ,

enthroned on the Cross,

and reigning at the right hand of God;

in times of disruption and uncertainty,

give wisdom and courage to those in authority,

that they may remember the poor, protect the weak,

and bring security to the vulnerable.

Strengthen The Children’s Society

to speak truth to the powerful,

and to bring hope to the needy,

for your holy name’s sake.


Download printable prayers.