Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of our work

Praying hands

Join us in prayer for vulnerable young people.

March brings the start of Lent: traditionally a time of self-denial when we examine our own lives. This month’s prayers focus on the importance of remembering all those in our world who suffer through no fault of their own, and to stand alongside them in solidarity. 

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Prayers for March 2019

Sunday 3 March

Based on Luke 9.28-36

Lord Jesus, as we move towards Lent, prepare our hearts to see you anew,

just as your disciples did when you were transfigured on the mountain.

Prepare our hearts to travel with you on the long, hard journey to the cross.

Forgive us when we shy away from the harder paths and prefer to cling to our own comfort.

Help us to stand in solidarity with all those who suffer, especially vulnerable families, children and young people.

For your name’s sake.


Sunday 10 March

Based on Luke 4.1-13

Lord Jesus, in the desert you experienced loneliness, hunger and fatigue.

Perhaps you were afraid and could see no way out.

Help us this Lent to remember all children and young people who feel alone, scared and helpless.

Inspire us to pray for and support them, and be with project workers from The Children’s Society

as they walk alongside to give them hope and a better future.

In your precious name we pray.


Sunday 17 March

Based on Luke 13.31-35

Lord Jesus,

Herod threatened your life but you were not deterred from your goal of bringing healing and hope to a needy world.

Give us that same determination to work towards a better life for all.

Help us not to rest until all vulnerable children and young people have the opportunity to flourish and thrive.

Keep us going when we despair, knowing that you will bring all things to fruition.

In your name we pray.


Sunday 24 March

Based on Luke 13.1-5

Loving God,

sometimes it is too easy to point the finger and believe that some people are the architects of their own misfortunes.

Forgive us for our easy assumptions and hasty judgements about the lives of others;

give us more compassionate hearts,

so that we may share your unconditional love

with a suffering world.

For your name’s sake.


Sunday 31 March: Mothering Sunday

Loving God, thank you for all those who care for us.

Please give them love, strength and patience.

We bring before you those who are struggling to make ends meet because of illness, poverty or difficult circumstances.

Inspire us to play our part in supporting them,

just as you love and care for us.

In Jesus’ name we pray.


Download your printable prayers here.