Created by young people, Big Up The Bill aims to highlight good examples of police work

Big up the Bill campaign

For a vulnerable young person, encountering a police professional who shows empathy, listens and understands children, can be a catalyst for a positive change in that young person’s life.

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‘She took time to listen to me, even if it took me four hours to explain’

- Young person describing positive police behaviour

Tips for police

It is vital that police professionals are recognised and celebrated when they work well with young people. The Big Up The Bill campaign is highlighting how a police officer being committed, empathetic and understanding can make a huge difference to a child’s life. That is why the Big Up The Bill campaign group has created tips for police on how to work better with young people.

Tips for police officers:

  • No matter what your job is, think of the safety of children first.
  • See and treat a child or a young person as if they are in trouble, not as if they are a trouble
  • Don’t judge the young person, but try your best to understand what’s going on. Judge and assess risks, suspicious people or circumstances – not a young person.
  • Communicate well. Speak to young people as normal human beings, make small conversations before asking big questions, and use simple language to explain things.
  • Know how to stay calm even if a young person isn’t – and learn how to calm a challenging behaviour without having to restrain a young person.
  • Know the laws and signs of a child being groomed or exploited.
  • Understand the impact that the trauma of being abused or exploited can have on child’s mental health and behaviour.
  • Understand confidentiality and the importance of keeping a young person updated about the progress of their case.
  • Work well with other professionals to help get the best outcomes for a young person.
  • Treat young people how they wish to be treated.

It is important that police professionals’ dedication and commitment are recognised and celebrated.

The Big Up The Bill report, which these young people have put together, contains their stories and the tips for police.

READ the young people's big up the bill REPORT

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