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Help us get mental health support for young people

Right now, young people often spend months waiting for services. The stress and delay can cause their mental health to get worse. Some don’t even make the list. They’re told their problems aren't serious enough to get support.

This isn’t right. Young people need professional help. Before it’s too late.

Early support hubs

We’re calling on the Government to fund more places where young people can get early help with their mental health. No appointments. No waiting lists.

These hubs would provide a place where young people can drop in, instead of waiting months for a referral.

Mental health facts

1 in 6

young people have struggled with their mental health


young people surveyed said they couldn’t get support when they needed it

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What is an early support hub?

  • Hubs provide easy to access mental health support.
  • Young people can drop into a hub without an appointment. 
  • Hubs would be open to all young people aged up to age 25.
  • Young people from the local area should be involved in designing hubs, so they deliver exactly what young people need.

We already run mental health drop-in services in several areas, and we want to build on their success. But there needs to be funding in place to make this happen. We can’t do it alone.

Every young person, in every community, deserves to get the help they need.

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A place that young people can feel safe. A place that young people can feel safe.

– Young person from our Shropshire Beam service