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Campaign wins and the change we make

We’ve campaigned on behalf of children and young people for over 20 years. Thanks to our supporters, more children have access to free school meals, we've secured billions in funds for struggling families and cheaper school uniforms are now law.

Together, we’re building a fairer society which works for all children.

Free school meals for children

For over ten years, we’ve been campaigning so children in poverty don't go hungry at school.

In 2014, our campaign meant that all children in years one and two get free school meals.  That's 1.3 million more children with a guaranteed meal each day.

Free school meals at a glance

A drawing of two yellow people

1.9 million

children now have access to free school meals

Through the pandemic and beyond

Girl in a red jumper eating breakfast

During the pandemic we campaigned so that low income migrant families without access to the usual welfare support would also get free school meals. 

We won and now migrant families on low incomes have one less thing to worry about. Children shouldn't go hungry because of their parent's immigration status.

Now we're campaigning to make free meals available for all families on Universal Credit.

girl standing outside house looking at camera

Join our campaign

Rising food bills and energy costs will make it even harder for families to keep their children safe and fed through the cost of living crisis.

Free school meals for those on Universal Credit would take some of the pressure off. 

Join our call to the government for more support for struggling families.

Fighting for families in poverty

The last few years have been tough on families. Prices have gone up while wages have stayed the same and support has been cut. But we’ve been fighting back.

Our work for families at a glance

£1.4 billion

was secured through campaigning to help families in crisis


families given time to pay their debt after our Breathing Space campaign

The cost of living crisis

Since 2016 we've been campaigning to protect children and families from debt. Growing up in debt can have a big impact on children's health and happiness.

We’ve made sure struggling families get time to sort out their debts before bailiffs come knocking at the door. And with the help of over 10,000 campaigners, we recently secured billions in funding for local councils to help families in financial crisis.

This means more families will have money when the worst happens. Keeping bills paid and food on the table. 

We either give families a break, or they're going to We either give families a break, or they're going to

– Young person

Cutting costs for families

Three girls sat against a school wall laughing

Cutting the cost of school uniforms

After seven years campaigning, the government promised to make school uniforms more affordable. Previously, the average cost was £337 per year. Too much for many families.

The law means that schools need to give parents an affordable alternative to buying expensive branded uniform. Families no longer have to choose between paying a bill or buying the 'right' uniform. 

If you're a teacher or parent, we have guidance for how your school can make uniforms more affordable.

Girl leaning against wall looking direct at camera

Campaign for change

We've come so far, but there's still more to be done. We continue to fight for families and the society that young people deserve.

Join our movement. Become part of the change we're making together.

Sign up to hear more about our campaigns.

Offering protection and support

Identifying young carers

Young carers are children who take care of another person. This takes its toll. Being a carer impacts education, friendships and mental health. 

Figures on how many young carers there are vary from 160,000 to 800,000. That’s quite a gap. Without knowing who these children are, services are unable to offer support.

In 2014, we helped shape acts that identify and protect young carers. Then in 2022, schools agreed to count young carers as part of the annual census so they can get the support they need.

It's knowing that I'm not alone It's knowing that I'm not alone

– Young Carer

Financial burden

Boy looking at self in mirror, upset

Fairer start for care leavers

Turning 18 is supposed to be an exciting time in a young person's life. But for young people leaving the care system it can be a struggle.

They are given all the financial responsibilities of an adult without a family to support them. Mounting debts can lead to mental health issues and even homelessness. 

We’ve spent five years campaigning and now 80% of councils in England have made care leavers exempt from council tax until the age of 25. They can start living independently, build up their money, without the burden of big bills.

We will continue to campaign until all councils have introduced the council tax exemption. 

young people protesting with megaphone

Our current campaigns

We continue fighting for the change young people need to see. From getting better mental health support to protecting children from exploitation and abuse, we won't stop campaigning until we live in a society that works for all children.