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do thingsthat aregood for you

Mental health and wellbeing A‑Z

Are you looking to learn more about a particular mental health issue? Perhaps a friend has been feeling anxious, your parents are more stressed than usual, or you've been feeling low and not sure why.

Our mental health resources are co-designed by young people and mental health professionals. They help make sense of issues that are more common than you might think.


What is mental health?

Your mental health is how you feel about yourself emotionally and socially. Some people have good mental health, others don’t. It changes too. Losing a loved one or getting into debt can suddenly impact your mental health.

Your mental health is important, as important as your physical health, so make sure you look after yourself and talk about it. Don't be embarrassed, it's common for young people to have moments of feeling low, depressed, anxious, stressed, angry.

If you are feeling bad about something, our mental health and wellbeing information may be able to help.