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Being angry is a normal, healthy human emotion. But sometimes it can get out of hand and hurt you or someone close to you. We are here to help you cope and control your anger.

Dealing with anger

boy looking angry

What is anger?

Anger is a word used to describe feeling angry, mad, furious, ticked off or peeved, and is a normal, healthy emotion.

Anger can become a problem when you find it difficult to keep it under control. Anger can really get in the way of our thinking, feelings, behaviours and relationships. It is important to get angry sometimes, but it is important to release the anger in the right way.

Dealing with anger

There are ways to cope with anger when it becomes overwhelming. Here are some techniques to calm down and control anger:

  • Recognise your anger signs: Being aware of what causes our anger and what goes on inside us when we are getting angry can help us to understand it and manage it better.
  • Count to ten and breathe slowly: This can give you time to think and calm down.
  • Talk about how you feel: This could be with anyone that you find comforting to talk to, don’t bottle it up.
  • Do something creative: This can help channel your energy and focus towards something else, anger is a way of expressing ourselves so expressing ourselves in other ways is helpful.
  • Listen to calming music: This can help to change your mood and slow down your physical reaction.

Anger management resources

As well as practising those tips for calming down when angry, there are also resources to help you manage your anger. There are apps for meditation, activities to get your anger out, and  NHS advice for those with anger issues.