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Emotional resilience

If you feel like you’re under too much stress,  building your emotional resilience can really help. You learn how to make yourself feel better when things seem like they’re getting too much. 

Learning about emotional resilience

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What is emotional resilience?

Emotional resilience is your ability to respond to stressful or unexpected situations and crises. 

The amount of emotional resilience you have is determined by a number of different things, including your age, identity and what you’ve experienced in your life.  

You can learn to increase your emotional resilience by: 

Try to stay positive

Getting a sense of perspective

While something may feel very immediate and intense the moment it happens, it’s really helpful to try and make yourself take a broader view. Ask yourself how you will feel about the thing that’s upsetting you in a week, a month or a year? Considering issues in this way will help you have some perspective about how much you should let them bother you.  

Practising positivity

Each of us is far stronger than we know, so even if you feel like you can’t carry on, try and appreciate just how strong you are and know you can get through whatever’s happening. In bad situations, it’s really helpful to try and think of a positive outcome you can take from it – it may be that you’ll learn something from this experience, that you’ve been through it and it hasn’t broken you, or that it’s helped you realise who you can really trust. 

Giving yourself a break

Sometimes you can be your own worst critic, so it’s important that when you feel stressed or worried you aren’t too hard on yourself. Try to remember that despite how you may feel, you’re a valuable person who deserves good things – it’s absolutely right that you should treat yourself when you feel bad.