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Family Support Group

We deliver family support groups and one-to-one support across Essex to help families or friends dealing with drug addiction.

Who is Family Support Group for?

Who is Family Support Group for?

If you are over 18 and dealing with drug use, we can help. The groups are no more than ten and we allow one-to-one support before, during and after the course.

How can we support you?

The groups are led by a facilitator who will provide information and education on what addiction is and how it affects people physically, mentally and emotionally. We aim to empower you to make positive change and build healthy new relationships.

Our groups consist of a seven-week programme covering:

  • Boundaries and consequences
  • Positive Behaviour
  • Drug awareness education
  • Appropriate support of users
  • Addiction information

Family support group quote

young man shaved head holding rucksack on one shoulder looking down at camera

At the end of it everything’s going to be all right At the end of it everything’s going to be all right

How do I access the groups?

Groups and one-to-one support can be accessed through referral form only and can be completed yourself or by a professional.

You can send us your completed referral forms to us via email.

Groups will be set up during the daytime and evenings and will be in areas where the most number of referrals are. If you are interested in attending the groups you are welcome to attend any group you can travel to. We also offer online sessions.

Get in touch

We are always learning and aiming to improve wherever we can. Do you have a comment or question about our services? Email us or call on 07725 639582.

The Children's Society East
114 Springfield Road
Phone: 01245 493 311

Family support resources

For more information about family support, here are some resources recommended by those who attended the sessions: