Use our unique packs to run sessions focused on faith

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Our charity was founded in 1881 by Edward Rudolf, a Sunday school teacher. Our partnership with the Church of England (CoE) has been of central importance ever since.

We are proud of this close partnership with the CoE, who play a vital role in our work. We’re committed to working with CoE schools and making sure teachers have what they need to talk to pupils about the complex problems in children’s lives.

We want to work with all people who share our values, whether Christians from other denominations, people of all faiths and none.

All of the packs on this section of our website are suitable for your school. But here you can find unique packs to run sessions focused on faith at assemblies, RE and PSE lessons. 

What you can do

1. Host a Christingle: Christingle is the number one way we work with CoE schools. It’s a wonderful celebratory event that takes place in thousands of churches and schools across the country and it raises millions to help us continue our vital work.

Watch how to make your very own Christingle below:

It’s enjoyed by people of all ages - even if they don’t regularly attend church. It’s a great end of term event for your whole school to enjoy and the themes of Christingle are great for helping to engage and inspire pupils in RE lessons.

The lessons learned from Christingle fit within the assessment criteria of the SIAMS framework and Ofsted’s SMSC requirements.

We’ve got absolutely everything you need to plan a wonderful Christingle celebration full of warmth and vibrancy.

Get your Christingle Assembly pack

Watch our video below to find out why people love to get involved in Christingle.

2. Use our youth resources for planning lessons: Our six award-winning youth group sessions focus on the latest insight about challenging issues young people face today. 

Download our youth resources

From identity to healthy relationships, each session is designed to start conversations with 11-16 year olds. They’re aimed at church or community youth groups, but can be easily adapted to be used at school.

3. Assemblies: We’ve also got original and imaginative assembly material to share with you. Check back here shortly for the updated resources.

These high-quality assemblies are ready for you to deliver in your school. Our assemblies are suitable for secondary school pupils.

4. Download our guidance on mental health and well-being

The new SIAMS framework (for inspection of Anglican and Methodist church schools) will come into operation from September 2018. We have been involved in working with the Church of England to develop new guidance on mental health and well-being. 
The guidance draws on our work on children’s well-being and references the ‘Good Childhood Index', a short questionnaire for children to complete themselves on topics of happiness, life satisfaction and other aspects of life. 
The guidance also quotes statistics about the well-being and mental health of children and young people from the Good Childhood Report.