The Rise Project is a Pan-London specialist service for boys and young men who have been trafficked to the UK

two young boys sitting outside

Who is this service for?

Boys and young men in London, aged 11 to 17 who have been trafficked into the UK or are at risk of being trafficked. 

What support does the service provide?

We provide holistic support through a wraparound service offering: 

  • Intensive one-to-one support both with addressing socio-educative issues relevant to each young person, including emotional wellbeing and self-care, their understanding of staying safe in the UK, as well as assisting with practical support needs. We focus on long-term outcomes to improve confidence, self-esteem and ability to trust and engage with professionals. We also focus on increasing young people’s understanding of risk, safety, healthy relationships and the law in the UK. 
  • Fortnightly boys’ group for young people to improve their emotional and mental wellbeing by developing self-esteem, confidence and reducing isolation, by helping them build a peer-support network with other young people who have been through similar experiences. 
  • Befriending scheme for our more vulnerable and isolated young people, who are matched with a volunteer befriender who visits them in their local area to develop life skills, pursue hobbies and interests and support them to develop local connections in their community. 
  • In-house therapist to work with the young people who are ready to engage in one-to-one therapy. We provide integrative trauma-focused therapy (using the three-phase trauma model) as many young people we see have experienced difficulties in the country where they grew up, on their journey to the UK, and through exploitation upon arrival. Therapy provides a safe space to help young people to find some stability amid the chaos, regain control, manage their trauma symptoms and reflect on their feelings and/or experiences in a safe way. We offer a tailored service, working to the goals of the clients' needs and what they want to work on. We can accommodate children and young people who need short-term as well as long-term therapy, offering a flexible amount of sessions. We are experienced working with interpreters and have developed specific interpreter-protocols to ensure appropriate ways of working with clients who might not be proficient at the English language. 

We also research the issues faced by boys and young men trafficked to the UK and the barriers they have to receiving the correct support. In March 2016 we published a report on the subject, 'Boys Don't Cry: Improving identification and disclosure of sexual exploitation among boys and young men trafficked to the UK' -  the findings presented inform our work supporting trafficked boys and young men.

How to access this service

If you would like to find out more about our trafficking services or refer a young person, please get in touch with us:

Francesca Nyman, Service Manager

Telephone: 0208 221 8210

Email: Francesca Nyman