Suhail's Story

Suhail arrived in the UK aged just 14 years old. Like many young refugees and migrants, he had to fight hard to start a new life. He struggled with mental health but has now found his feet. He has a passion for photography and takes photos of his time in London. 

suhail's london photos

magpie in pink leaves
millenium dome at sunset

Fighting quicksand

When Suhail first arrived in the UK, it wasn't easy. 'You basically start a new life, in a new country, new culture, with new things around. It’s like you’re stuck in the middle of somewhere like clay or quicksand. When you try to get out, it’s really hard.'

being alone as a young refugee

Being alone, he had to learn to get by the hard way. ‘It’s really extremely hard, because you don’t know anything. Especially if you have to do everything on your own without your family.'

At first he felt desperately sad. He had no one to turn to. 'I used to get really emotional, I felt like crying.'

It was a hard time. Still is. But right now I feel a little bit better.

Suhail Story - London buses

london buses

Now I feel different, I feel a little bit strong

Suhail was introduced to us and we were able to work with him through his more difficult times. We helped with his age dispute and supported him with his mental health.

'Many times I struggled to keep my life. I was going to end it. But it was The Children’s Society and their help, giving me a plan and what I should do when I felt like this...I can definitely say that is one of the reasons I am still alive now.'

Suhail is feeling more confident now 'and hoping that everything will one day sort out.'

suhail's story positive

I feel less lonely compared to other places I've been

'All the different ways I have experienced difficulties, losing my family, coming here, I learned from each of them. I got the wisdom and understanding from these things.

Hopefully I will get back to my family and find them, and go to university. Being the person that I want to be.'

Suhail quote

Hopefully I will
get back to my
family and
find them

case study

This is a true story but names and identifying details have been changed to protect the young person and the photographs have been posed by models.