Posted: 10 February 2015

Jo Whiley: 'Being a young carer has made me the person I am' (audio)

Hidden is a compelling portrait exhibition that tells the story of England’s young carers. It opens on the south bank of the Thames in London. (Get the exhibition details.)

The official figure of young carers in England is 166,000 – but this is likely just the tip of the iceberg. Hidden reveals their often invisible lives, where every day they face huge responsibilities and unimaginably difficult choices.

Jo Whiley, radio DJ and TV presenter, is a former young carer, and is part of Hidden. She said: 'It's an honour to be in this exhibition, alongside these incredible children and teenagers. Being a young carer has made me the person I am, but it’s an exhausting, stressful and emotional experience.'

Jo: 'If you're a young carer I think you have an inner strength'

Jo cared for her younger sister who has Cri du Chat syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes behavioural difficulties.

She says of being a young carer: 'When you're really really young it makes you grow up very quickly, and I think it informs the person that you are. And you will instinctively be more intuitive, you'll be more caring and you'll be aware of other people, and that's a great thing - that makes you a strong person, a really special person.'

Please listen to her story. 


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