Posted: 15 April 2019

Quiz: can you make £60 last the week?

Every day we have to prioritise and make decisions about how we spend our money. For some people this may be a choice between topping up a gym membership and buying a monthly cinema pass. For others, this may be a choice between paying the council tax or paying the phone bill.

Try our Strengthening the Safety Net quiz and see if you can make £60 stretch until pay day. There will be a series of difficult decisions along the way.

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Low wages, poor housing and public service cutbacks have left many families struggling, and having to make choices like this every single day. 

When the worst happens like a house fire, job loss or a bereavement there used to be local emergency funds to help. But these funds are disappearing leaving some families with nowhere to turn. 



By Kaja Zuvac-Graves

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