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Young Carers Festival

Every summer, we partner with YMCA Fairthorne Group to host the largest festival in the world for young people with a caring responsibility at home.


Disclaimer: The easing of Covid-19 restrictions means the YCF2021 will take place in a limited more localised fashion. Find out more about YCF2021.

What does the young carers festival offer?

girls on a rollercoaster at the young carers festival

The Young Carers Festival (YCF) is the biggest gathering of young carers’ in the world. It is an annual must-attend event for young carers to have fun, unwind, make new friends and try new things. 

It's also a political platform for young carers to be heard and influence change. 

Event highlights include, fairground rides, live music, outdoor movies, fireworks and the legendary silent disco! 

The impact of young carers coming together in this way has created a powerful and united voice about the issues they face and has provided a political platform to influence and inform national and local policy. 

Young carers radio

YCFM Radio 

The festival's official radio station gives young carers the chance to share their views, talk about their lives and request their favourite tunes live on air.  

Tune in to listen from the comfort of your camping area. 

The Voice Zone

A hub for young carers' voices, thoughts and opinions. We run interactive and fun drop-in workshops that aim to improve awareness and support for young carers.

The voices of young carers in the Voice Zone have directly influenced changes in legislation and helped strengthen young carers rights. So, come and have your voices heard!

A quote from a young carer

It's allowed me to make a lot more friends It's allowed me to make a lot more friends

Girl with face paint in the young carers festival crowd

young carers festival video

Young Carers Festival - Video

Areas and Activities

  • Fairground: go on rides including Twister and the Dodgems.
  • Planetarium: lie back and be dazzled by the galaxy.
  • Sports: try paddle boarding, climbing, obstacle courses, yoga, BMX, kayaking and football.
  • Crafts: drop in to an arts and crafts workshop. There'll be clay modelling, woodcraft and more.

The details

Last year, Covid-19 sadly meant YCF2020 had to be cancelled. But we simply couldn’t let another year go by without the Young Carers Festival journey continuing. We’ve been busy working behind the scenes to come up with something a little bit different, that we want you to be part of in a very special way.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce that on Saturday 3 July,  we will be bringing the Young Carers Festival to your doorstep. This day of celebration will gather Young Carers Groups across the UK for a series of connected localised events. We want you to have fun and make a whole lot of noise about Young Carers to create your own festival atmosphere!

This is where you come in  — We will be providing you with some content, activities, ideas and support; and in return, you’ll need to find a suitable space to meet.

We’ve also got an open invitation for a limited number of Young Carer Groups to join us at YMCA Fairthorne Manor on the Saturday taking advantage of the activities available onsite. For booking information visit the YMCA young carers festival website.

So, pop the date in your diary, get organising and if you’re interested in bringing your group to Fairthorne Manor you can email us. Once you’ve confirmed that you’ll be hosting your own Young Carers Festival, please complete the event registration process here please complete the event registration form.

Crowd celebrating at the young carers festival at night

'You really do
have the time of
your life here.'
'You really do have the time of your life here.'


Get in touch about the young carers festival

Get involved

If you want to support the young carers festival you can volunteer, support, donate or sponsor young carers to attend.  

For information on getting involved, please get in touch.

Girls at the young carers festival smiling with paint on them