Child poverty facts and figures

Around four million children are currently living in poverty in the UK today

Currently, one in seven councils have closed their emergency funds that help people when a crisis hits, putting families and vulnerable young people at risk.

Poverty affects a child's mental health, their happiness and their chances in life. A child is said to be living in poverty when they are living in a family with an income below 60% of the UK's average after adjusting for family size.

Read our facts and figures below to find out more about the impact of poverty.


Our campaign to Strengthen the Safety Net

We are calling on local and national government to Strengthen the Safety Net so that families have access to the basics like food, heating, cothes and transport when a crisis hits.



Our work supports children and young people suffering due to poverty.

A child growing up in poverty can often be one of the main causes of a young person presenting with multiple disadvantage.

Our work aims to break the cycle of multiple disadvantage, disrupting the causes of poverty.

Because no child should feel alone