Cut the cost of school uniforms

Every year, children are sent home for wearing the 'wrong' uniform. But many struggle to afford the 'right' one. Young people have missed out on enough education through this pandemic. When schools reopen, let's make sure no child misses out on more because of school uniform costs.

We're campaigning to make uniforms affordable, so children can look forward to going back to school, without worrying about wearing the wrong thing.

What is the cost of a school uniform?

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What is the cost of a school uniform?

The average cost of a secondary school uniform is a staggering £340. Many families can't afford it so they buy cheaper alternatives or non-official kit. Children have no choice but to go to school knowing they'll get singled out for wearing the wrong thing.

Often, they are sent home from school. Others are bullied for not having the same uniform as everyone else. Does that seem fair?

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some kids get to the point where they won’t even go in, rather than get in trouble for being in non-uniform

If you've seen the consequences of costly school uniforms, you're not alone. Even before the pandemic, a million families had to cut back on food and other essentials to afford school uniforms. 

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of parents said their child had to go to school in wrong, ill-fitting or dirty uniform because of the high costs


families have seen their child sent home from school for wearing the wrong uniform

1 in 8

families cut back on food because of uniform costs

campaigning to cut the cost of school uniforms

Five years ago, the Government promised to cut the cost of school uniforms. It didn't happen.

Right now, there is a bill set to go through parliament but no date has been set. If the delay goes on too long, the bill will be permanently dropped. We can't lose the chance to make uniforms affordable for every family.

Act now to make sure the bill isn't pushed off the table. Together, we can #CutTheCost.

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Act now

As Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg has the power to set a new date to debate the school uniform bill.

Call on him to set a new date, so affordable school uniforms become a reality for the families who need it most.