School resources for children's mental health and well-being

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Through our children’s well-being research, we ask thousands of young people across the UK how they think their lives are going - and we learn a lot from what they tell us.

Our latest report shows that children’s well-being has fallen to the lowest since 2009. We need to change things for the next decade. 

What you can do to improve children's well-being

1. Download our school well-being resources

Download lesson plans, research reports, presentations and toolkits to support with mental health and well-being in the classroom:

  • Well-being lesson plansA set of lesson plans on children's rights and well-being. 
  • The Good Childhood Report: A comprehensive account of young people's well-being today.
  • Well-being postcards:  Five cards to help pupils take part in simple activities  beneficial to their well-being.
  • Resource on trauma: Distressing experiences such as abuse, war, tragic accidents or terrorist incidents can have a serious impact on children. This guide includes information on how to identify symptoms of trauma, practical advice and resources to help children talk about their feelings, and where to get further information and support.

2. Share our mental health and well-being advice 

Visit our resource vault and share with your students. This is a large bank of information and support for young people on a wide range of issues affecting mental health and well-being. Please share this so young people can get the advice they need, when they need it.

3. Measure your students' well-being

Measure well-being in your own classroom. It’s easy and free to run a simple assessment of children’s well-being in your class. Ask your class to take our short ‘Good Childhood Index’ questionnaire during lessons. Contact us for a copy of the Good Childhood Index today.

4. Organise a school well-being assessment 

Your school or local authority could even hire us to do a full child well-being assessment of your school or local area. Please get in touch with us if you would like to arrange this or find out more.

Well-being activity ideas

Thought about doing something for World Mental Health Day? Why not invite a speaker to come and talk about our latest Good Childhood Report findings or use this date to fundraise or raise awareness of our work.

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