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Child exploitation programmes

We aim to end child exploitation in all forms. Alongside our partners, we develop effective responses to child exploitation and work tirelessly to change the systems that put young people at risk. Our sector-leading resources support professionals, parents and young people to better understand and respond to child exploitation. 

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Child exploitation resources

Our exploitation resources include parent guides in 17 languages, #LookCloser promotional posters, appropriate language guides for professionals and much more.

Disrupting Exploitation programme

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Disrupting Exploitation

Disrupting Exploitation, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, works in two ways:

  1. one-to-one support for young people and parents and carers affected by child criminal exploitation.
  2. working with partners to improve responses to criminal exploitation and change the systems that put young people at risk.

We focus our systems change work on 'reachable moments' such as the point of arrest, point of assessment and point of exclusion. These priorities are underpinned by the experiences of young people and parents and a contextual safeguarding approach.

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Get in touch with DEx

We are keen to work with others with a passion for disrupting exploitation, sharing learning and resources to increase our impact on children and young people.

We would also like to hear from you if you are facing a systemic issue in one of the local areas in which we work (London, Birmingham, Greater Manchester).

Prevention Programme

The Prevention Programme is a systems change programme aiming to transform the spaces that children spend time in, and the organisations that they come into contact with. No child is responsible for their own exploitation, and it’s not their responsibility to protect themselves from harm. It’s up to all of us - businesses, the public, and professionals - to play an active role in protecting children from abuse.  Our team of regional and national staff work across England and Wales to drive forward new responses to prevent and improve responses to exploitation and abuse. We collaborate, making connections across regions and sectors, and we empower our partners to create change in their communities.

If you would like to find out how we can support you email the Prevention Team.

Tackling Child Exploitation Programme

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Tackling Child Exploitation (TCE)

Our Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme, funded by the Department for Education (DfE), aims to support local areas to improve strategic responses to child exploitation and risk of harm outside the family home. In particular, we focus on:

  • Young voices
  • Parent and community voices
  • School exclusions
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion

If you would like to share good practice or enquire about local support, contact the TCE team.

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TCE learning and resources

We offer a programme of learning events, reflections from past projects and research on a range of topics, all with the aim of improving the response to child exploitation.