Bespoke training and local consultancy services

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We have years of experience running training courses designed to support service providers in their work with young carers and their families.

Our training reflects the expertise gained through our own history of listening to the voices of young carers, influencing change nationally and locally on their behalf and working with service providers to embed whole family working models of practice.

Our training programmes

Our trainers are practitioners themselves and are able to draw on national research, up-to-date policy and guidance and best practice models from across England.

'well thought out and super interesting'

Our training programmes are:

  • Responsive - Shaped to local needs
  • Comprehensive - Our wide range of courses and expert trainers enable us to summarise the complexities embedding whole family support
  • Relevant and up to date - Our courses share our years of front-line experience, providing current information and solutions to some of the challenges you face locally to support these vulnerable young people
  • Empowering - Giving you the skills and confidence you need to identify and support these young people.


Training packages

We offer a range of training packages, which include:

  • Supporting the implementation of whole family working to meeting your legal responsibilities to young carers and their families
  • Basic awareness raising and increasing identification of young carers including those from hidden groups
  • Individual organisational training to meet needs - e.g. training for teachers, social workers and health professionals.

'The trainers were brilliant, their visual aids and handouts were well prepared, well thought out and super interesting' - Professional

We also offer a range of participatory training and sessions for young carers you may be working with, including:

  • Understanding media and PR awareness, such as interview skills
  • Influencing change nationally and locally
  • Well-being and mental health awareness
  • Basic digital skills, including ipad filming and editing
  • Presentation skills and logistics of event organisation.

We are able to offer bespoke training to meet individual needs.

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