Sometimes when things are difficult, we might need to know a bit more about what we are entitled to

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It is important to know that you have rights as a young person, and that these should not be violated because of a caring role.

Know your rights

Our 'Know your rights' pack aims to make you aware of your rights – your human rights, your legal rights, and your rights to access things like benefits, support and advice. The pack also contains information about the different professionals that you or your family might be in contact with.

Need to know where to find things out in a hurry? This pack is also designed to easily link to areas you are interested in, and signpost to external information when needed.  It has lots of links to useful and interesting resources that can help you – and help raise awareness about young carers’ issues.

Useful sites:

  • Law Stuff is a website run by Coram Children’s Legal Centre that provides a range of information for you about your legal rights and the laws affecting them.
  • The Mix is a free, confidential telephone and email helpline finding you the best help whatever the problem. It provides free connections to local or national services, and can text information to your mobile phone.

Social change

When we are unhappy with the way things are in our community, or in society it is important to advocate for social change. For example over many years lots of young carers told us they needed better support for their whole family, and we worked with them to influence important people and make change, resulting in changes in the law.

It is important to take positive action when change needs to happen - Our 'Influencing Change Toolkit' can support you and your young carers groups to create local change:

Influencing change toolkit

This toolkit is a resource to encourage young carers to get involved in creating a change in their local area.

This is broken down into an introduction on how to use the pack and the following sections:

The toolkit includes a video (below), information, templates, activities and quizzes designed to help you start an influencing change project safely and within the law in your local area.

As well as improving the lives of young carers and their families, you can develop confidence and skills too. Whether you want schools to have a better understanding of young carers and their needs, better support from GP’s, advice about taking care of your own well-being, or better facilities to enable your young carers’ project to enjoy a well-earned break.