Posted: 18 February 2019

Accelerator programme: using technology to help young people improve their mental wellbeing

As a partner of Bethnal Green Ventures (BGV), we provide funding and mentoring support to projects that align with our aim to create a world where all children are safe, happy and free from disadvantage. 

This week we caught up with Jenny, a member of our Business Development Team, to find out more about her role in supporting digital innovation at Bethnal Green Ventures.

What was your role at Bethnal Green Ventures?

As part of the BGV accelerator programme, I was on hand to support Nightingale, a business providing students with a personalised app to help them understand, manage and improve their own mental wellbeing. I was able to connect them to key people in our organisation and, along with my colleagues, provided them with advice, feedback, and a space to talk through any challenges or ideas they had for their business. It was brilliant to work with such an enthusiastic team, who are striving to create a product that changes young people’s lives for the better.

What does the programme offer new businesses?

The BGV accelerator programme is great because you are fully supported by partners, experts, and the BGV Alumni network. New ventures are encouraged to question their businesses in ways they hadn’t considered before - from developing a deep understanding of their customers to drilling down into operational costs and profit potential.

What was your favourite moment on the programme?

My favourite part of each week was the Founder Confidential where we had the chance to chat with start-up founders who had been through the rollercoaster of starting up a tech venture. It was great to hear all the tips, techniques and tricks they could offer.

Were there any challenges and what was the outcome?

Part way through the programme, Nightingale realised they needed to pivot their business model to ensure they achieved the desired impact. Informed by the views of their users and with the support of the BGV team, they have now developed a product that will positively change the lives of its users’ mental health. 

Who should apply for the BGV accelerator programme?

Anyone who has a great idea with social impact at its core and uses tech solutions to achieve this. From our point of view, we will be looking for ventures who improve the lives of young people, developing their skills and resilience to overcome barriers and realise their potential. 

If you'd like to know more about the accelerator programme then please contact Kirsten Naude or talk to the team at Bethnal Green Ventures.

By Jenny

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