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Planning your Christingle celebration

Whether you're planning a virtual Christingle or a Christingle service in person, we'll help you celebrate and spread the message of joy and hope for this country's young people.

Planning your Christingle celebration

Three children holding illustrated Christingles

One of the best things about a Christingle celebration is that, even if you've never held one before, you can tailor the service so that it works best for your church, school or group.

You decide if you want to Christingle in person, online, or hold a mixture of both. Last year, to help keep their communities safe, a few innovative Christinglers held doorstep services and we even saw a drive through celebration!

We've made it easy to organise a service, bringing communities up and down the country together to help vulnerable young people. Here are some step-by-step tips to help you plan your celebration:

    Planning your Christingle celebration

    • Get the date in your diary

      Christingle services usually take place between Advent (four weeks before Christmas) and Candlemas (2 February), with Christmas Eve being the most popular time to celebrate.

    • Decide what kind of event you're going to hold

      You might want to start thinking about the type of service you're going to hold. Whether you chose to celebrate in person, go virtual or do a bit fo both, just know we'll be here to support you every step of the way.

    • Join our Christingle Organiser's Forum on Facebook

      Created for Christinglers by Christinglers. This group share helpful hints and tips to ensure you are making the most of your service.

    children at Christingle service

    Order free Christingle resources

    Order from our fantastic range of resources, including some brand-new activities and videos. Why not start with our Christingle hints and tips guide that'll help you plan a fun, safe and memorable celebration?

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    • Register your Christingle event
      Registering your event makes taking in collections at your service easy and safe. You’ll receive a unique donation page which you can share with your attendees. Plus, we’ll promote your celebration on our website so Christinglers nearby can join your service.

    • Spread the word
      Let your community know about your fantastic Christingle celebration so they can join in and have fun on the big day. You can order our helpful invitation poster to display at your venue, or download our new Christingle assets to add to your website or newsletters below.

    • Celebrate Christingle
      Watch your Christingle come to life! Always be aware of safety during your service, but most importantly, have fun and share the message of hope with your community.

    • Pay in the incredible money raised
      Once your Christingle celebration is over please pay in your collections so they can make a difference to children and young people right away. If you’ve taken in donations through your unique registration page, there’s nothing more you need to do as the money will come directly to us.

    Christingle character on red background

    Download our Christingle characters

    Download our fun Christingle characters and digital assets to help promote your Christingle celebrations. They can be used on your website, in emails or across social media.