Teenagers smiling and laughing

Tips for building self-esteem

Building self-esteem is an empowering skill for young people, and can contribute towards positive well-being. We have collated some top tips for building self-esteem and practicing kindness towards oneself.

30 Jun 2020
child rainbow drawing

Coloured Feelings

We have many different feelings, just like the colours of a rainbow. Sometimes it helps to draw how we are feeling using these colours.

8 Jun 2020
children dressed up as superheroes

Self esteem — What would your superpower be?

What would your superpower be? A fun activity for families and young people.

3 Jun 2020
girl sits with head in hands

How to deal with worry

It is normal to have worries but sometimes they get in the way of other parts of your life. Here are some tips to help calm you down.

1 Jun 2020
child angrily screaming

Spotting and coping with anger

Can you spot when you are angry? Do you know how to deal with it? Here are some tips and activities to help.

9 May 2020
girl cuddles bear

Self esteem: A look into the future

Imagine what the future might look like: A creative activity for children to help with low self esteem.

8 May 2020