children dressed up as superheroes

Self esteem — What would your superpower be?

What would your superpower be? A fun activity for families and young people.

3 Jun 2020
boy looks out of window

Low Mood Resources

Useful websites, children's books and activities for tackling low mood.

3 Jun 2020
child looks down anxiously

Anxiety resources

There are many resources you as young people can access online to help when you feel worried or anxious.

26 May 2020
teenager listening to music

Calming and mindful activities for kids

It is easy to get overwhelmed by our thoughts and feelings. Here are are some simple activities and exercises that help calm your mind.

5 May 2020
teenager depressed with phone

Depression and low mood resources

Useful websites, videos and apps to help when feeling depression and low mood.

5 May 2020
mother and sun happily drawing

A look into the future

Having positive role models, goals and aspirations can give children and young people a positive and hopeful outlook towards their future.

29 Apr 2020