Preventing and lowering incidents of child sexual abuse and exploitation, criminal exploitation and modern day slavery

Young person concerned on train

Who is this service for?

The Prevention Programme is funded by the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner to work on preventing and lowering incidences of child sexual abuse and exploitation, child criminal exploitation, modern day slavery and human trafficking on a regional and national basis across England and Wales.

We work with commercial organisations, charities, community groups and statutory services to ensure that they are better at identifying young people at risk in their local area. By working with organisations, authorities and groups, we aim to prevent young people from being exploited.

What support does this service provide?

Our programme consists of ten specialist Prevention Officers across England and Wales providing exploitation support to professionals focusing on training, consultation and best practice guidance. This innovative work uses The Children’s Society’s direct practice expertise in working with exploited children alongside police intelligence to provide support that is tailored to each organisation and setting.

Utilising contextual safeguarding approaches, we provide tactical advice to safeguard children and vulnerable young adults, disrupt abuse, exploitation, modern slavery and human trafficking.

Whether you are a commercial company, a statutory service, a charity or local religious or community leader, we may be able to help you to better identify and protect children and young people from exploitation.

Alongside external partners, where possible the programme works collaboratively with other teams within The Children's Society such as the Disrupting Exploitation and Tackling Child Exploitation teams.

Take a look at a snapshot of our impact during year one of the programme, and for further reading, check out our full evaluation report of our programme during its first year.


#LookCloser is a national public awareness campaign in partnership with British Transport Police and the National County Lines Co-ordination Centre. #LookCloser highlights that child exploitation can take place anywhere and may be particularly visible in public spaces. It also encourages members of the public or those working in public spaces to ‘look beyond the obvious’ and that any young person could be a victim. 

Useful resources

Check out our resources that we’ve created on the programme:

Contact details

James Simmonds-Read, National Programme Manager


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