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Breaking habits and broadening horizons

When a young person has grown up around violence, discrimination and abuse, it can affect how they see themselves, who they start hanging around with. It takes guts to say "this isn't me anymore, I need to make a change". Our Nottingham service helps them do just that. We give them the hours they need to change bad habits and break free.


Next Generation unlocking strengths

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Strength in dark places

The young people who come to Next Generation show incredible strength. Many are from chaotic homes. They have been exploited by criminals, forced to skip school and excluded as a result. They have a deep distrust of adults and professionals. 

But they get back up. They don't let the trauma of abuse and neglect hold them down. With intensive support over a long time, they work through their difficulties, get a hold of their anger and anxiety.

They identify goals, positive activities, and interests that they would like to explore. They are determined to change their lives and move forward.

quote about a young person at Next Generation

He is tremendously resilient and vulnerable in equal measure

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I feel like I can now get a job and believe in myself I feel like I cannow get a joband believein myself

Budding paramedic

One young person we worked with went from feeling stuck, in significant danger of joining gangs, to joining an ambulance service and training to become a paramedic. 

When they came to us, they were living in a home of domestic violence and substance abuse. They were unable to concentrate or engage with school, at risk of exploitation, and had poor mental health and high levels of stress.

With support, they grew to acknowledge their situation. They knew life could be different. So, they decided to put themselves in care. This was huge. As a young person coping with trauma, it shows real motivation to turn things around. And they made the right decision. Since moving into care, they have become more engaged at school and are on the path to an impressive career.

Changing bail conditions

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Rethinking bail

As well as working with individuals, we also try to change the systems that don’t work for young people. When a young person is released on bail, they are given conditions. These conditions often put the young person in greater danger.

Young people at Next Generation told us that, as part of their bail, they need to check in to a police station regularly. But the station is often the other side of the city. It means they have to travel through unsafe areas with gang affiliations. In many cases they end up missing the bail meetings because it’s safer than making the journey. But this gets them in more trouble.

rethinking bail continued

We worked with local police to help them understand the situation from a young person’s perspective. They took this on board and agreed to change the conditions for young people at Next Generation. The young people no longer had to choose between a dangerous journey or missing a bail meeting. We hope they will roll this out to all young people in the area.

If it wasn't for the project, I would still be getting into trouble with the police 

next generation facts


drop in the number of arrests among young people at Next Generation


school attendance rate for for young people at Next Generation

Building better worlds

Next Generation works because it is able to give young people the dedicated time they need. Each young person is different. We listen, build trust and communicate openly. We don’t pass cases on or make young people repeat their story over and over again. We support them. But we also challenge their behaviours and actions when it is productive. We empower them to make decisions that will change their lives.

But right now, thousands of young people are trapped in a cycle of criminal exploitation and abuse. This crisis is likely to get worse as schools and other support services temporarily close this Christmas.  But with your support, we can be there.

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Breaking free

Our project workers help young people by giving them belief, confidence and someone they can trust.

With your donation, we can help many more break free from the cycle of exploitation.