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Coaching children in care

Children are placed in care for various reasons. It can be a really difficult time. Many will find it hard to settle and end up moving from place to place. Without stability, things can quickly spiral. This is where our Inside Out service comes in. We coach them through the difficult times to get their lives back on track. 


A human touch

What sets Inside Out apart from other services is that our coaches spend more time with the young people. This builds trust. Coaches are in regular contact with the young person, often every day. Whether it's emotional support, making decisions or setting milestones. They won’t give up. 

The work they do is successful. Children with a coach are happier and more stable. They are less likely to go missing. They are more hopeful. 

Boy sat on sofa talking to coach

My coach has been there for me and never given up My coach has been there for me and never given up

back in school

Back in school

Robert was 16 when he joined Inside Out. He had already been through a few temporary placements. Out of school and involved in gangs and drugs, he was looking for a way out. He quickly developed a strong relationship with his coach. Early on he was still going missing but kept in contact with her. She brought him food, wherever he was staying. 

After six months Robert started to improve. He stopped going missing. He was eating more healthily and was back in school. His coach helped him turn things around. 

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Bond with someone

‘Having someone to chat to on my level, showing you what to do, how to do stuff — it makes you stronger in the long run as well because you know you’ve got that support.’ 

If you have that bond with someone, you will try your hardest

Eight months on and he has completed his GCSE’s. He is considering several options to start an apprenticeship. He is looking forward to the future. 

Building bridges

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Moving back in with mum

At 15, Susana had only been in care for a year. But she had already been through several placements. Sometimes she went missing. One time, she was gone for over three weeks. No one could find her. She was at risk of criminal and sexual exploitation.  

Since joining Inside Out, she has moved back to live with her mother. The coach has supported both of them to help fix their relationship.

Back with her mum

Since she’s been placed back with mum, her missing episodes and her risky behaviours appear to have stopped.

Her social worker also noted that Susana was able to think about her behaviour and make better choices. Now she feels in control. She has turned her life around. 

Virtual bake offs

Sometimes young people need a bit more than just a weekly time slot to get them out of a difficult situation. They need someone to talk to. Someone to rely on when there is no one else. 

Our coaches go above and beyond. They have continued to work with young people throughout the pandemic. They have added virtual support with a range of activities such as a juggling, bake offs and work outs. With someone looking out for them, children in care will get the future they deserve.

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Donate today

Children in care have been left isolated by the pandemic.

We help them find the strength to overcome their difficulties. We let them know we're thinking of them. Whether it's a phone call, a gift, or just a text to check how they are.

Join us as we fight for their hope, their ambitions, and their whole generation.