Information for support workers and professionals working with young carers and their families

young girl talking to woman outside

The Coronavirus outbreak has presented new challenges for all young people, but for young carers, the added burden of having to understand and manage the risks around Covid-19 and the requirements to self-isolate will leave many feeling trapped, abandoned, afraid and exhausted.

They will be experiencing increased stress from possible financial uncertainty and for many who are not attending school, they will be at home juggling duties of care, needs, emotions and resources. Consequently, young carers will not be getting a normal break from their caring role or access to the support they need.

For young carers who were just managing before, the additional pressures and responsibilities of Covid-19 we are seeing an increase in their vulnerabilities, their support needs and some concerns about potential long term impacts upon their aspirations and well-being in the future .

Useful information and resources

There is a lot of information available regarding Covid-19 but it can be difficult to know what is helpful for young carers, what is not and where to find it. We also recognise that having to change the way we work so rapidly in this ever-changing situation isn’t easy. Face to face work has not been able to take place and therefore finding new ways of working has been a challenge for many professionals.

However, through speaking to many young carers services there is some great group work resources, creativity, practice and activities being delivered remotely. We have compiled and collated these tools and  resources which you may find helpful whilst working with young carers during this time and even beyond.

How you can get involved

We are reaching out to young carers’ support workers, projects and programmes  across the country via online ‘Networking Meetings’  for practitioners to share experiences, worries and ways of working with each other and to reflect upon the initial, ongoing and urgent needs of young carers, young adult carers and their families.

Through these conversations we are gathering an understanding of emerging thematic patterns of need of young carers on a national scale. We are continuing to host these meetings throughout the duration of the Coronavirus Outbreak.

To register your interest in attending these meetings please contact