For nearly 60,000 young people, missing out on vital support is making life seriously awkward

Teenage boy leaning against a wall under an underpass

Young people struggling without support

16 and 17 can be awkward ages. But for nearly 60,000 young people, missing out on vital support is making life Seriously Awkward. These young people are dealing with complex issues like domestic violence, mental health problems, and poverty. Even though they are still a child at 16 or 17, government support is woefully inadequate. At 18, it can disappear altogether.

It's hard preparing to juggle new responsibilities like housing, education, employment, budgeting and relationships - even with supportive adults. Alone, it's almost impossible.


We are calling on the Government to give 16-17 year olds more support as they move into adulthood. Watch our video below to find out more:

Campaign with us to give young people the support they need

At this crucial age, vulnerable young people need support from children's services, housing and child and adolescent mental health services. Instead, support crumbles away, leaving them with nowhere to turn. They become unseen and unsafe, and the future is bleak.

Graphic from young person that says 'Once you leave education, become 18, access to mental health support is almost invisble'

Over 10,000 people signed the letter that we handed in to the Children’s Minister calling for more support for vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds.

Since then, we’ve been working with a group of young people to gain a better understanding of the support they need at this vital age.

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Our work with young people

Our practitioners are faced with young people on a daily basis that are dealing with multiple issues and are finding it hard to cope. Watch our video and see why it's vital that 16 and 17 year ols are given the support they need.

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