Cuts to local children's services

Rising numbers of young people are in need of help, but Government funding for services that support them falls far short of what’s needed. This cannot continue
Call on the Government to address this lack of funding for local children's services

Cuts to local children's services

We all want children to have the best start in life. But right now, our communities are struggling to provide the services necessary to keep children happy, healthy and safe.

Since 2010 the Government has significantly reduced the funding available to local councils to support children, at a time when rising numbers of children and young people are in need of help. 

This is a problem with a clear solution. We know that properly funded local services make an immense difference to children's lives. With greater investment, this Government can give children a chance at the future they deserve.

Mia's story

Many children in this country are under tremendous pressure to deal with difficulties in their lives. Local councils have a legal responsibility to provide children's services but because of Government cuts they’re finding it increasingly difficult to hlp children like Mia.

Mia shares with us her story of poverty, violence, substance misuse, mental illness and homelessness.

Our work to prevent cuts to local children’s services

In 2017, we published the Turning the Tide report, produced in partnership with Action for Children and National Children’s Bureau.

This report found that £2.4 billion of government cuts to funding for local children’s services. Now it’s estimated that by 2025 there will be a £3 billion black hole in the local Government budget for children’s services.

The Government must take urgent action to address the increasing gap in funding for children’s services, and enable local councils to invest in services that help children and young people tackle problems in the early stages.