Posted: 16 November 2017

Alcoholism and family members

This week there are tens of thousands of young lives being secretly torn apart by alcohol.

Lives hidden under the shadow of silent shame, with young people unable, unsure or unwilling to talk about their mum or dad’s drinking.

Secrets covered up by parents, hidden away by families and made devastating for children.

Damaged lives

Our new research shows that parents' alcohol misuse is damaging the lives of an estimated 700,000 young people across the UK.

That’s almost three quarters of a million lives trying to cope with the anger, anxiety, confusion, fear or loneliness of living in a home affected by alcohol.

Pressures arising from the misuse of drink can lead to children developing mental health problems, running away from home or being excluded from school. In some cases they end up becoming carers for their parents.

The chance to be heard

Alcohol misuse has become such an everyday part of our lives, that it’s hard to identify those affected by it the most and we rarely hear their stories.

To try and change this, we have been working with the MA Character Animations course at The University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins to create a series of beautiful and powerful films revealing these hidden voices.

No more secrets

When alcohol is the family secret, the bottles and cans, and the fear and isolation are not talked about.

But children need to know that they can speak up and be heard, that they can get help and support.

This Alcohol Awareness Week, and every week, we need to listen to their voices, include them in the conversation and stop keeping the secret.

Use our resources to start the conversation and help children get the support they need.

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