Celebrate Christingle with our official Christingle Song and a familiar favourite

We commissioned an original song to mark 50 years since we first celebrated Christingle in The Church of England. 

Christingle Song was composed exclusively for us  by Louise Drewett, a young composer currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music. The words have been specially written for our anniversary year by British  poet Clare Shaw. 

Whether you are a school choir, amateur singing group,  professional, cathedral or church choir, or just love singing, Christingle Song is the perfect way to raise your voice in celebration of Christingle.

A familiar favourite

Many of you will be familiar with Sing Christingle! This song has been sung at Christingle services for years and, with its well-known tune, is very quick to pick up.

Tune: Give me oil in my lamp (Sing Hosanna)

The Christingle begins with an orange,
telling us of the world God made.
For creation is full of his glory;
all around we see his love displayed.

Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!
Sing Christingle, it’s the light of Christ.
Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!
Sing Christingle, light of Christ.

Every year we give thanks for the seasons,
and the fruits of the earth to share.
The Christingle is here to remind us
that the love of God is everywhere.

Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!…

God of love, we give thanks now for Jesus;
we remember his birth again.
But the red ribbon round the Christingle
tells the story of his cross and pain.

Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!…

To complete the Christingle:
a candle, shining out in the darkest night.
Jesus promised to lead us and guide us;
come and celebrate the world’s true light!

Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!…


For a shorter song, replace verses 1 and 2 with this verse:

The Christingle begins with an orange,
telling us of the world God made.
By the fruits of the earth in their seasons,
we can see the love of God displayed.

Mark Earey (1998, 2003)
May be reproduced freely for use in Christingle services

Christingle hymns and other music

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