From worship materials to assembly plans and craft activities, we have a wealth of materials available to help you make the most of your Christingle celebration in this special 50th anniversary year

Our resources for our special 50th anniversary Christingle are available to download or order from the shop. 

Worship and reflection

Christingle acts as a powerful reminder of the gospel message of hope and peace, enabling us to reflect upon its meaning in a fresh way. We've created a welath of resources for you to use in and before your service to help convey the symbolism of the Christingle and its relevance for us today.

Christingle in your school

Christingle is a great teaching tool because it was designed specifically to help children understand the Gospel. To help make the most of Christingle in the classroom, we'll provide you with assembly and whole school materials.

Making your Christingle count

Fundraising through your Christingle celebrations is a brilliant way your community can make a lasting difference to children all across the country. The money you raise will bring real, tangible change to the lives of some of this country’s most vulnerable young people.

We provide collection candles which are a great way for children to collect money at home, and envelopes to make collecting Gift Aid at your Christingle as easy as possible.

Bringing your community together

Christingle celebrations are great for uniting your whole community. We’ll provide you with posters, invitations and press release templates to help you advertise your Christingle to people in your local area.

Messy Church

Our popular Messy Church resources feature a number of games, arts and crafts and other resources to help make your Christingle celebration fantastic fun for people of all ages.

Need to pay in money from your Christingle celebration?

If you need to pay in money from your Christingle celebration, or return collection envelopes to us, then you can still order a giro or pay online

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