Christingle provides a fantastic opportunity to bring your school together and help transform vulnerable children’s lives

With its magical service and rousing songs and hymns, Christingle is a joyous event for all who take part – and it helps your school meet a range of educational goals, including:   

  • Communication and language development  
  • Spiritual development  
  • Social development  
  • Cultural development 
  • Religious education  


How we'll support your school

We make it so easy to hold a Christingle celebration, providing everything you need to organise and run a magical, memorable event. We’ve created an exciting free guide full of new advice and tips that will help you make this year’s celebrations your best yet.

Inside the guide you’ll also find details of our free teaching resources – including assembly plans, learning materials, fun games and craft activities – that you can tailor to your school’s particular needs to support your pupil’s learning and creativity.  

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Making your Christingle count

As well as inspiring your pupils to help other children, fundraising through your Christingle celebrations provides a practical way for your school to make a difference to children across the country.

What other schools have said about Chistingle

Mrs Hutson, Head Teacher, St Augustine’s C of E Primary School

'Our school has been taking part in Christingle for over 40 years. From my experience of holding Christingle services with our church, it brings a wonderful sense of community and the realisation that with this coming together and celebration we can do something to help others.

'It brings a wonderful sense of community'

'My advice for anyone holding a Christingle service at school is to just go for it. There is no better feeling than having the whole school getting involved as well as the inspiration it gives to the children and the whole community that attend the service.'

Linda Perkins, Head Teacher, St Mary’s CE (VC) Primary School

We’ve been taking part in the Christingle Service since 2009 when I became Head Teacher. Everyone loves the service because everyone is involved! Parents and carers provide the oranges, and we provide the tape, cocktail sticks and sweets. The service is magical, especially when the church is in darkness, the candles are lit and the children sing 'Away in a Manger'.

'Everyone loves the service because everyone is involved'

'The Christingle is an excellent way of linking church and school and links to our Christian ethos of helping people in need through charities.'

Amanda Skidmore, Head Teacher, St Mary’s Albrighton

'Christingle is a real family occasion with younger siblings participating in the service (we always make extra Christingles for them!) and parents also enjoy it too.

'Some of the older children who have left the school also attend the service, so it’s a really great opportunity to catch up with them. Children take part in the readings and we have learnt the Christingle songs in our hymn practice, ready to sing in church - 'Sing Christingle' is a particular favourite!

'The look on the children’s faces and the real sense of belonging'

'My favourite part of the service is when everybody stands in a big circle around the edge of the church and we turn off the lights and light the candles. Many of the children say that this is their favourite visit to the church! I would encourage anyone who is thinking about organising an event to go ahead - the look on the children’s faces and the real sense of belonging to a wider Christian community, as well as raising vital funds for charity work really do make it all worthwhile!

Barbara Sands, Hopelands Preparatory School, Stonehouse

'Our PTA provide an orange for every child, the foil, cocktail sticks, raisins and all the sweets to decorate the Christingles. (A small tip: jelly sweets work best. Dolly Mixtures split when you spear them onto a cocktail stick - the children love to eat the rejects but it leaves some Christingles looking sparse!)  The day before the service parent helpers come in to help the Christingle production line go smoothly and do all the knife-wielding, cutting holes in the top of the oranges.

'Everyone leaves with a warm feeling and in a thoroughly Christmassy mood'

'There is great anticipation around the choice of the Christingle Angel.  It is a Year 2 child, who wears an angel costume with tinsel and fake-candle bedecked head-dress, ready to process from the back of the church, carrying a lit Christingle orange.  An opportunity for a less-confident child, because they can feel important, yet there is nothing to say; perhaps a child who’s having a difficult time.  They simply receive the filled collection boxes at the altar, in exchange for a Christingle orange.  

'Building charitable giving into your school’s Christmas traditions is great, and this is a particularly enjoyable yet thought-provoking way to do it.  Everyone leaves with a warm feeling and in a thoroughly Christmassy mood.'