Use our map to find out more about local welfare assistance in your area

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Since the abolition of commnuity care grants and crisis loans for living expenses in 2013, local authorities across the country have established alternative schemes to help support people facing financial crisis. 

The funding for these 'Local Welfare Assistance' (LWA) schemes has been significantly reduced over a number of years. In 2010-11, around £330 million was available through the national schemes. In 2013-14, this provision for local authorities was reduced by £150 million to £180 million. While local authorities continue to be allocated financial support for LWA provision as part of their overall funding settlement, all ring-fenced funding has now ended.

Local welfare assistance across the UK

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all have countrywide schemes, whereas in England, the schemes are at a local authority level. Since the localisation of emergency and community support, some local authorities across England have continued the provision of their schemes, but others are no longer available.

Using our map you’ll be able to find links to local welfare assistance schemes across the UK, information on your eligibility and how to make an application.

If you are unable to view the map, you can download the list. If you are unsure of your local authority, use Directgov's tool.

If you have any further information about any of the schemes where we have listed as 'information unavailable' or if you notice that any of the links provided are no longer working, please let us know and we'll update the map.

Please use our map to find out about local assistance in your area.

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Providers of emergency financial support and assistance are at the frontline of responding to Covid-19, and we know that many new challenges are arising with each passing day.

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Further information

  • Budgeting loans are also available through the DWP to help claimants who have been on an income-related out of work benefit for at least 26 weeks. The loans help cover costs of essential items for which it is difficult to budget. More information is on the website
  • If you are in financial need because of a delay on dealing with a claim, or making payment of a benefit award you can use the Turn2Us grants search and benefits calculator. Find out more on the Turn2Us website.