We work with refugee and migrant young people to ensure their safety and protect their rights.

A young refugee

Our aim is to ensure that laws and policies help to keep refugee and migrant young people safe and protect their rights, regardless of their immigration status or nationality.

Our work

Our regional projects provide independent and confidential advice and advocacy support for refugee and migrant young people and their families, across England. Our research, lobbying and campaign work seeks to centre the needs of these young people in decisions made about them. We achieve this through:

  • Working with central and local government, parliamentarians and the voluntary sector to identify problems and develop solutions to support refugee and migrant young people, including at inquiries, select committees and other government forums.
  • Working closely with our frontline service practitioners and researchers to ensure that the views and needs of refugee and migrant young people are heard by decision-makers.
  • Producing policy reports with factual practice-based analysis and insight into the challenges faced by refugee and migrant young people, along with recommendations for supporting them.
  • Responding to government consultations on issues affecting refugee and migrant young people, to ensure their needs and voices influence decisions made about them.
  • Writing for publications and speaking at events and conferences to raise awareness around issues faced by refugee and migrant young people.

Policy priorities

Our main policy priorities are:

Unaccompanied and separated migrant young people

  • Ensuring that durable solutions are available for separated and unaccompanied asylum seeking young people.
  • Ensuring that the best interests of separated and unaccompanied migrant young people are central to all decisions made about them.
  • Reinstating legal aid for all under 18s in immigration cases.

Migrant destitution

  • Reducing the damaging impact that destitution has on migrant young people and their families.


  • Independent advocates for trafficked young people.

Coordinating within the sector

We work collaboratively with various other charities to help refugee children.

We sit on several government stakeholder groups, including the  National Asylum Stakeholder Forum, which includes a range of organisations that work with asylum-seeking migrants.

Within the sector we chair the ‘Protection’ sub-group of the Refugee Children's Consortium, a group of over 50 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working collaboratively to ensure that the rights and needs of refugee children are promoted, respected and met in accordance with relevant domestic, regional and international standards.

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